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New pain

Hi all I have suffered with pain for many a year the majority of it coming from back problems which over years I have come to except (don't like it ) the last few months I have pain from knee going up to groin .i have on that side a knee replacement a hip replacement and a acetabular replacement .have mentioned this to doc on a couple of occasions to be told it probably is coming from back .i am having awfull trouble coming to terms with this asked for X-ray to put mind at rest only to get refused

Does anyone know how much it would be to have X-ray done as I'm one of the people out there who once know the problem try to except it

Thank you for reading

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Why is GP refusing X-ray? Would an X-ray show anything or do you really need a scan such as MRI scan?

Think you should go back to GP for more answers about what they are going to do to help you.


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