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Good morning

A newbie here, I some health issues like many people on here but try to carry on with my life the best I can. Five years ago I had a car accident and it's changed my life, although not seriously but enough to affect all the little things we take for granted, like hanging the washing out, hoovering and even kneeling down! I also suffer from depression but despite all this I still hold down a full time job and look after my family and care for my disabled mum.

I posted the other evening regarding my medication Gabapentin, I've been taking this for 4 years now without any major problems but it's just started to give me heartburn. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated😀

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hi! Wow, what exactly happened to you and what aren't you able to do? :) I love how you're putting up a fight with life!


What do you mean by heartburn? Symptoms and causes may not be the same. Depression could be a lack of sleep or exhaustion and the heartburn could be related to this. This is a matter only you can investigate. You don't want to push yourself past the point of no return. You will never recover from that.

What things can you drop. This is called time and social management. Your family are not going to thank you if you collapse even though they want all of your attention in the here and now.

Hope I hae been able to be helpful.


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