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Hi everyone, I posted on here at the beginning of the month that I was starting on a low dosage of Gabapentin for pain in my lower back, I am pleased to say that I have now built up to 300ml x 3times a day, I had a few side effects to start with such as fuzzy head, very sleepy during the day. As I was increasing the dosage, the pain decreased and the side effects seem to have disappeared, hopefully the pain will keep at this low level, after 4 years I'm pleased with any pain relief that doesn't upset my stomach.

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Glad this has helped you..

I take gabapenin and naproxen,, this seems to help me. I still have some pain, It all depends on what I am doing.

Like you I had awful side effects at first, this has now passed thankfully.

May you continue to be pain free.

Lots of hugs,

Elizabeth :) xxx

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Hi Elizabeth are you taking something like omeprazole to protect your stomach while taking Naproxen, both myself and my daughter have damaged stomach linings I took omeprazole my daughter didn't, if you get any pain under left ribs see your GP straight away, don't want to scare you it doesn't happen to everyone but it is painfull when it happens.

Keep pain free as much as you can, hugs Sheryl


Yes my friend I take operamozle as well, this helps as you mentioned. I have had no discomfort from it so far, so long may it continue.

Oh dear your poor daughter must be in agony. It just shows you Sherl how one tablet can protect you.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I do hope it is pain free :)

Soft hugs,

Elizabeth xxx


I am glad that they are helping you so much. My husband takes 2 a day, it takes the edge off for a very short time. I may ask the doctor if he could try 3 a day to see if it helps.

Fingers crossed that it keeps helping to improve your pain.


I am very glad to hear that Gabapentin has done the trick for you. Long may it last!


Does anyone know what the therapeutic dose is of gabapentin?


Hi again, I thought I had found the answer with Gabapentin but I ended up having only 10 days of pain relief before the pain became severe again and also suffered severe headaches, I reduced the dosage until I was off them, my doctor has now given me Duloxetine 20mg capsule once a day. so far so good, also I was sent to an Osteopath for treatment, today I'm feeling really good and seem to be almost pain free, so fingers crossed.

best wishes to you all.

Christine x


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