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Hello, I am new here. I broke my ankle when I was 17 but it went undetected for 3 years when they then operated. Then 6 years on last year they did another. I've recently had another mri scan because the pain is worsening daily, hourly. I went to see my surgeon today and got there, had to wait an hour past my time and then got told he wasn't there. I haven't seen him properly since my operation last September. I feel he doesn't know what to do. They have told me I have defects and stuff but they don't know how they got there or why or how to help. I'm on 4-12 painkillers a day and sit ever night with ice packs on for over an hour just so it numbs it and I get a little relief. I also have hyper pronation, hyper mobility, I am overweight and autistic. I feel I need more help but am I being unreasonable? I've been on crutches yet again since February but taken myself off them couple of weeks ago but the pain is intense. Especially at night. I cant cope. I feel stuck. Thanks for letting me moan. Annie.

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What is worth investigating is whether you are suffering from muscle shortening. Shortened muscles which are muscles which are over contracted need to be stretched out. Stretching a shortened muscle is a painful process and can take several weeks. When the shortened muscle has been stretched out the pain is no longer present.

Hope this helps.

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