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Back problems

Hi there,

I used to be on this site a couple of years ago but due to one person who not on here anymore, I suffered a mini breakdown. I've suffered from chronic  back pain for years due to having scoliosis  and discs pressing on nerves. For years all I wanted was a MRI scan to see how bad my back is and eventually  after seeing a new doc, I got sent for one. The results were amazing, in that the doc  wanted to know how I was still walking and said I will need major  surgery to correct my back. I'm just wondering whether anyone has any advice as I'm in two minds about surgery on my back. 

I have only just come back to this site today, so I class myself as a newbie.

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Welcome back - you will find only kind words of support hopefully X x


Hi bentleyboo I always remember being told by a physio that he would never let a surgeon near his back with a knife, having said that a lot of people on this site have good results from surgery, hopefully someone will contact you with there own experiences.

Good luck with whatever you decide sending hugs Sheryl


Hi Bentleyoo please don't be afraid of surgery on your back these days it is all guided I was in the same position as you after a car accident couldn't walk was on a zimmerframe been down the pain clinic route accupunture tablets etc but nothing worked I had a fantastic neurosurgeon who said if I didn't have the operation I would end up in a wheelchair I have been through hell as I have written on this site but after 5 months I can now walk and drive they chipped some of the bone away that was pressing on the nerve it hasn't been easy I am still on a small dose of morphine but getting there good luck and let us know how you are doing there are some fantastic people on this site who are always ready to give support and help take care and God bless Spoon39


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