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Memory problems

In  2013 I ended up in a coma and suffered Hypoxia it has played havoc with my short term memory and I also have bouts of confusion.

But what has struck me in the last 6 months my memory going back 50 years I remember perfectly and before I took  ill I could not remember that far back I am baffled why this has happened anyone got any answers about this.

I may have posted this in the wrong category

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I understand that is fairly normal with advancing age, the short term memory goes first and the old ones remain crystal clear...Memory itself is a bit of a mystery and nobody really knows why.

Its a fact of life: I would assume that your bad experience of illness has aged you prematurely by a good few years.

Short term memory can be improved by practicing mindfulness of what we are actually doing at any given time, i.e. living in the "now" and switching of the stream of discursive thinking, judging, counting, and criticism that clouds our consciousness.


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