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   (1). Greetings,  I'm Khalifaf, and I suffer from the very painful symptoms and illnesses of Severe Chronic Back Painfrom a old gun shoot to the lumbar spine. 

   (2). Years ago I was stroke with a baseball bat to the neak. Now causing very, very terrible, excruciating migraines. 

   WHAT WOULD SOMEONE suggest for treatment ?

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You making assumptions concerning cause and effect.  You may be right you may be wrong.  You need to be examined by a doctor who can determine if you have something they know about or not.  When you have done that come back to the forum with what has been found.

There are too many causes for the symptoms you have for anyone to relate to your condition.

Hope I have been helpful.


Do you not see any doctors or consultants to discuss treatments? We can't prescribe or suggest stuff until we know a little more about what you've already tried.

Once you've done that, I'm sure you'll get some more helpful replies.

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