Scared of Gloomy Sunday Song

Hey everyone , I've been scared of "Gloomy Sunday" song for a month . I'm scared that I will die as many people in the past and I don't know how to get rid of it . But I saw many people covered and sang these in English and Hungarian on the stages but I don't know why I still scared . Has anyone ever listened to this song and read the lyrics ??? Does it make me die ???

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  • Why die? Drugs? Oxy? Etc. Explain?

  • It's just a song which can inspire people to die

  • Yours is a very confusing and disturbing post. Perhaps if you explain more about this song and why it would make you feel you will die then someone could make a suggestion or direct you to a site where you might get support.

    To be honest I don't u derstanding what you are talking about but you certainly sound frightened and worried.

    Get back to the forum and explain.


  • Sorry about my disturbing post . Now , I'm so scared about dying because I heard that more than 100 people died after listen to this song . So that why I can't get over it ...

  • Thousands of people will have listened to the song and still be living.

    You seem to be in a negative frame of mind,perhaps you could try to concentrate on the positive aspect's

    Wishing you well,Jo

  • Thank you , I have tried to concentrate about the positive aspects but later the negative aspects come out again

  • If you think about it how can a song, words and music kill someone? Its just not possible. It sounds like someone started a silly rumour about this song and it spread.

    If you have other fears like this maybe you should be thinking about talking to a doctor as it may be that your mind is working in peculiar ways and needs some help to get back on track.

    All the best


  • I got this information from Google , it's true and not just the rumour

  • Sreyneth. You really have to read what reports say. None of the suicides were verified as being linked to the song. It was a time of a high rate of suicide in Hungary due to other factors such as famine and war.

    It really does seem as if it was all wipped up by the media.

    Please please please put all this out of your head and if it still goes on bothering you try to find someone who can help you deal with your general anxiety.

    But it's time to stop discussing it now. Everyone here agrees that it's nonsense so let's leave it alone now. OK ?


  • I got it , thank Dee !!

  • So why it banned in England ??

  • It is just a sad song about a lost love. If you are so fragile that you fear the song will make you die then perhaps you need help. Talk to someone if you can and get it out of your system. Good luck. Try listening to 'Always look on the bright side of life.'

  • Ohh thanks , and have u ever listened to this song ??

  • Yes, there are many versions including one by Billie Holliday

  • I once listened to her song . So have u ever listened to the Hungarian version or the translated lyrics ???

  • Hi Sreyneth - it sounds to me like you have serious anxiety about this song. I went through a horrible period many years ago (in my teens and into my twenties) when I got obsessed about bad things happening to me if I did certain things - like you have about hearing this song. Fact is, those bad things never did happen to me and I'm still here today and going strong! :-)

    But I do think you need to speak to your doctor about this. They may be able to give you something (pills or talking therapy) to help you with your anxiety. But please be assured, listening to any song isn't going to make anything nasty happen to you. Please do speak to your doctor about your thoughts though.

    Oh, I think there's an anxiety forum here on Health Unlocked. You might find there are other people there who suffer from similar problems and can put your mind at rest on this.

  • Thank , Caroline

    I also talk with my friends about my anxiety . They said that I'm scared of dying too much .

    Some of my friends who listened to this song , aren't scared like me .

  • There you are, you see - nothing bad has happened to those friends who have listened to the song, has it?

    By the way, I wasn't sure what song you meant but I looked it up and, yes, I have heard the Billie Holliday version. They used to play this on the radio quite a lot when I was younger. And, like I said above, I'm still here! So I'd say there's definitely no connection between this song and bad things happening to people. :-)

    I hope you're feeling more reassured about this now.

  • I used to get scared after I listened this song , sang by her . The sound is so creepy . And then I realize that there are many people who covered this song so It won't make me die .

    But after I did some research I saw that there is the original hungrian song which it can make people die after listen to it .

    Last week , I saw someone's cmt and said that "we'll die after we read the lyrics of this original song" . At that time I was very scared and my heart beating so fast and I couldn't sleep anymore.

    Another thing , I'm afraid that it will ruin my life . I don't know how to get rid of it and I also wish I shouldn't have known it .

  • Dear Sreyneth,

    Really the best thing you can do is think back to the statement in your first paragraph of your last comment. You're saying you realise that so many people have covered (and heard) this song that you now know it isn't going to make you die. I think the person who said people would die after seeing the lyrics to the original was being silly - just trying to scare people. Why let that silly person scare you like this?

    You say you wish you hadn't known this. Well, just say to yourself the next time you think the song will make something bad happen "This person was being silly. I KNOW lots of people have heard this song/read the lyrics and nothing bad has happened to them". Will you try this, please?

    And I really do think you need to speak to your doctor and tell him/her about your fears and anxieties. As I said before, they should be able to help you overcome this. Remember, as I said above, I used to be like this too - when I was young - but I'm now nearing 60 years of age and still here! Nothing bad happened to me, it won't happen to you either. Be calm and relaxed, and try to stop these anxieties, please.

  • You are right , Caroline .

    I'll try all my best to forget it .

    I'm so glad that I know you and thank so much for ur suggestions .

  • You're welcome, Sreyneth. I hope you feel a lot better about it now. :-)

  • Yeah , I'll be better soon 😁

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