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I've been playing soccer for a few weeks now but one practice I came home and my legs were killing me. It's been two weeks and it still aches when I go up stairs/down stairs and when I walk in general. OH, especially when I bend my legs, when I try to get in the bed I almost cry when I bend my knee. Right now my legs are throbbing in pain and I can barely get up without excruciating pain. I went to the ER and they said it was overuse, but still I'm really concerned and feel they did a bad job checking me out.

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See your GP. Good luck!


If you are still walking around on it a lot, then two weeks probably isn't long for that kind of injury to heal. You might want to see a sports physio to try and hasten the recovery, and also to get shown how to do appropriate exercises to strengthen it back up again. Also ask a physio whether it would be better or worse for it if it was strapped up.


Go to your doctor and insist that you get X rays and a referral to a specialist. The medical profession are over busy and sometimes look for a simplified answer. Take someone with you for moral support when you go to the doc's and don't hold back when describing the pain.

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If you live in USA , go to your doc and request X-Ray or scan . Don't want to scare you but I knew Someone that started having leg pain after running marathon, doc's kept dismissing until she finally insisted they do scan or MRI or X-Ray . By that time the cancer had spread. From OKC went to MD ANDERSON in Houston . They could not save her, she died . Insist on further tests, it is YOUR life .


I know someone that the docs kept saying was just a sprain from marathon she had run . She finally insisted on scan , MRI, X-Ray. By then to late, cancer had spread and there wasn't anything they could do for her . She died .


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