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Pregnancy and lower back pain

During pregnancy I was experiencing lower back pain and was hoping that it would ease up after the delivery. But it hasn’t and the pain is still horrible. Bending and standing for a while has become really difficult for me. With one of my friends suggestion I am going to do the physiotherapy treatment from Physiomed which is nearby clinic in Toronto where we live. I took many painkillers, did many exercises but nothing worked. Thank God my husband has been home to help. Anyone else has been through this? Please share.

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Hello Tysonjeff :) Totally went through the same :( Unbelievably scary that time was. It will not go away, without intervention. I ended up at a Chiropractor for a year. Apparently my hips were out. Physio did not exist back then, Chiropractors did both, now that profession, is Chiropractors do bone manipulation and Physios do muscle work. Your body has been through such a physical trauma, giving birth. It will take time and massive effort on your behalf, but, you will get better :) Lean on your husband, for now, it's OK, he won't think less of you. This is an unexpected expense, totally worth it though! You will be chasing your baby around before you know it!!! Time to heal for you - while you can ♡


Hi sorry to hear you've been affected this way, I've been through something similar with both of my kids. In my case it was my pelvis that wasn't quite in the right position as when you're pregnant hormones release to give you a bit more flexibility to help with giving birth but mine never went back for one reason or another. It didn't help that through both pregnancies the midwives told me that I was pregnant and back ache was to be expected, not impressed to say the least. I've been to my GP since and they have helped with physio, the best thing I found for pain relief was acupuncture, but the way to go is physio it takes time but doing that and things like yoga and Pilates with someone who is able to adjust poses for you. As I wasn't helped in my first pregnancy I've had multiple problems that I think have stemmed from the misalignment so it's worth going to your dr and getting the help and guidance now though. Good luck and congratulations on your little one xx


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