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Beware Meds and Alcohol Don't Mix. Hi To All. I Have Been on pregabalin and amitriptyline for nerve pain now for quite a while so used to the doses and well over the side effects. I went to a Halloween party and completely forgot I was on meds as I was enjoying being with friends and had a drink or two then suddenly wham It felt like I was drunk almost like I had been out on the town. I made sure I had something to eat before I went to the party in fear of feeling hung over slightly though I never drink that much to ever get like that. Thankfully my friends helped get me home and to bed with the bowl at my side. The next morning when I woke I felt fine and I couldn't believe how quickly and sudden this happened. What must they have thought , how embarrassing ,first time out with them in a long time then this. Icould only say ime sorry for last nite at your party. They must av thought I was a right ==== Artist, they just laughed it off and all is forgotton now.

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  • Hi

    I know what you mean. It's one thing to relax and loosen up a bit, but I hate having a hangover anyway and I hate that feeling of not being in control of yourself at all. Part of the reason why I have drunk less and less over the years anyway. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a glass or two but have always believed in the viewpoint "everyone likes a drink, no-one likes a drunk".

    Personally I've found that just with age and the menopause, alcohol has more effect on me. But with ME and fibromyalgia I just can't process alcohol anymore. It's like I can feel it working a difficult painful path through my kidneys and liver. It's horrible. But if you add to that the medication, it's a dangerous mix.

    Remember if you have stopped or even just cut back on your drinking then having even one or two will have a bigger affect because you're not used to it anymore. It is a poison and a drug after all. I miss having a drink, not that I ever had that much to start with but I have reached the stage where I would rather not bother because of the affect it has on me. Plus it will or can negate the benefits of the medication too. I now limit myself to things like one small glass of wine and the toast at a wedding or Christmas dinner. It seems a bit of a party pooper but it's better than the alternative.

    Don't worry, if your friends know you I'm sure they'll understand. If they can see you were embarrassed, that in itself says you didn't intend it to happen. And the fact they helped you to bed says they realise that.

    Take care

    Margaret :)

  • Well, at least you got out and for a while had some fun! Embarrassment aside, people get wild even when they're not on meds. Try not to judge yourself. I doubt others will either. You've got a lot to deal with and sometimes just kicking back helps!

    Having said that I took 1500 mg ofParamol to go to work and a mouthful of wine when I got home and spent the night vomiting.... That's not happened before! You just never know I guess and the upside was that I had a good detox afterwards... 😜

  • Hello boozybird, sounds good if you need to detox yourself and didn't know it ha ha. seems a lot of paracetamol though . yes it felt good at the time just totally for got I was on meds , never gave it a thought I was conscious of everything going on around me even to the point of dreading the 16steps up to my a puppet on a string. so I knew I was hung over but come on it takes more than just two drinks to put me out for the count before I used to take meds. ime no party animal you know ime almost t total these days honestly

  • Glad you recovered ok. It's not just the drunk feeling and hangover, it's the possible damage to liver and kidneys and brain from toxin overload.

    My daughter came home from school one day and said that if alcohol was discovered now, it would be banned for human consumption because of all the bad effects it has on the body.

  • It's funny I should read this today! I had a few drinks on Saturday, nothing out of the ordinary for my pre meds self. I felt a bit tipsy but ok. The following morning I had the hangover from hell, awful sickness to the point there was nothing left. Absolutely horrid. I certainly won't be doing that again in a hurry! 😷

  • hi southernbeau33, you've heard the meat loaf song (you took the words right out of my mouth) I certainly wont be doing that again in a hurry ha ha . I like your motto you say pre meds self that made me laugh when I read it.

  • Glad it wasn't more serious consequences - mixing meds and alcohol can easily cause you to go into a coma, and if you had vomited while in a coma (and it got into your lungs) it might have been curtains for you. Meds plus alcohol can also seriously depress your respiratory function, which basically means you stop breathing while asleep and don't start again. Another good reason for not mixing alcohol and meds.

  • hi there earth witch, OMG I didn't realize how bad things could have got. thankfully I was ok the next morning and what was comforting was to know that the friends who I work with one special friend took the time to come and see if I was ok the next morning and also asked my 18yr old son to keep an eye on me during the night. certainly wont be doing that again in a hurry and thank you for your reply. meds and alcohol forget it ime no party animal anyway , them days are gone. these meds are for life ime afraid to say. thanks again your reply may have just saved the day for me

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