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This my first time I hope I got it right

I been haven this pain so bad. When it was 2012 they said I have kidneys stone. it went away now its 2015 it got so worse I went to hospital twice this year my doctor did blood work urine test then when I was in hospital at Mercy hospital they did test to. Then the day I went second time to hospital my mom called ambulance take me to Baystate hospital. They want take some blood from me and put in iv liquid bag they been poking me 5 or 6 times cuz my vein they said everything is OK so they gave me meds for pains pills go home see my doctor. And my doctor maded me appointment with Radilogy doctor. And I went to see her and she told me Zulma u only have tinny kidney stone it shouldn't be hurt that bad. And I told her straight out how I feel then why the hell I'm haven this strong pain I never had it before u tell me. She said I don't know I said u want my pain to see how it feels. I been throw all this pain can't sleep. And she said I don't need pain meds take Advil Tyler what ever out on counter shelfs Cvs Pharmacy I told her I tried them they don't work. So she make a appointment for catscan to see what's wrong I'm surfing the pain

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Hi Zulma,

Sounds horrible! So sorry to hear how much pain you're in. Unfortunately a lot of health professionals don't know much about pain, or how to talk to patients. I would really recommend reading "chronic pain your key to recovery" by Georgie Oldfield. It explains how pain works and why sometimes it can be excruciatingly strong, even though scans and tests show little, or sometimes even no injury (or in your case maybe little kidney stones, which will have been there for a while). I know lots of people who have been able to recover from very severe pain by reading this book and resolving things behind their pain. I hope this helps. It explains techniques to deal with the pain and ultimately recover from it.


Hi Zulma

I have had Kidney stones and the pain is horendous, even my doctor said its the worst pain ever ?? It doesnt sound like you have a very symphatetic doctor :( if it gets to bad they may have to blast them, it hurts but not as bad as having kidney stones :( hope you get this sorted ASAP. :)

Hope this helps.


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