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Pain been pretty bad recently starting to feel like wee hermit. If go out walk round shops(maximum time 30 mins) then that's ne stuck. Inhouse for next 2 days. Using crutch to get by to help me get around. Now been off work 4 months and with no change forseen in the near future I more or less had option resign or be sacked At least if I resign then have another 4 weeks pay to come. So now have no job either.

Life not fair and it is doing its best making me very peed off just now.

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Morning, sorry to hear you are in pain. Have you had a diagnosis from your doctor yet? I didn't think you can be sacked, as long as you give a sick note. ( I may be wrong) otherwise you can claim ESA. This can all get you down. On your good days sort these jobs out. Pace yourself. I won't suggest any pain killers as I don't know what the problem is. Chin up.

I do understand what it's like.

Anne 😀

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HI Healthylass,

As an aside I am guessing that you come from North of the Border? I can really sympathise with you. From being a really active healthy person, my life seems to have shrunk away to the basics! I now have to take a wheelchair with me and one of my older daughters to help me, do the supermarket shopping. Forget carefree shopping trips!

I was sitting in the afore mentioned supermarket recently, when I noticed a smart car pull up in the disabled parking. No one got out immediately, but a middle aged man began to build a wheelchair from a few well designed parts, whilst still sitting in the drivers seat. He then slid himself over into it, locked up his car and came into the store.

I was sitting in my own chair, I was so moved by what I had seen. He had his own way, his independence to a level. Obviously I have no idea about his home life, how much help he has etc.. He will never know it, but he helped me cope that day.

I am really sorry about your job, it's all very scary. Though like that man building his own wheelchair, we will eventually find a way to get out of this situation. We are all in such a rush and I am no different ,but this is natures way of teaching us, that it is time that is the fair healer.

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See an Alexander Teacher. They cannot cure the disability. They can however, help you develop the means to handle the disability better.

It is stupid to try and use the walking strategies of someone who is fit and healthy. You have to develop strategies to handle you disability. You have to walk differently. You have to learn to take longer. You have to learn to cut out some activities so that you can take longer walking.

See an Alexander Teacher and you will understand what I mean.

Hope this helps.

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Are you in a union at all? I'm in a very similar situation to you in work and my union is being very supportive. You need someone to help you fight this battle as when you're in constant pain, it's a hard one to fight on your own.


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Sorry to hear about your work situation.

I have worked with people in similar situations, who have been in pain for 6-12 months, but who have managed to recover in the space of 4-8 weeks! Not many talk about "recovery" once the word chronic gets mentioned. But it truly works. I no longer have back pain or period pains (which left me debilitated).

As a first port of call I'd recommend reading "chronic pain your keys to recovery" by Georgie Oldfield. It changed my life and hundreds of people who could even tie their shoelaces went on to completely recover!

Good luck!


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