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Brain Aneurysms, Brain Tumours & Stage 3 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in less than 3 months....my carer, Husband and Father!

Zero support, mentally, or physically.

His daughter, now 25 was diagnosed with 6cm Brain Aneurysm this time last year, and still recovering from coiling that has slowed the aneurysm a little.

Yet, my hubby 47, is blanked, repeatedly told not to worry...it's doubtful my hubby, his daughter and his father who died in Dec 2008 of brain bleed on circle of Willis. After almost a year of badgering Addenbrooks, they not only diagnosed him with Aneurysm and a Brain Tumour.

He hasn't been contacted or seen by Mr Kirkpatrick the Consultant at Addenbrooks, as his nurses took umbrage after leaving garbled voicemails the Friday before scheduled appointments for recovering daughter. The repeated promises of appointments, nothing yet has been scheduled?

So, it's likely I shall be a Widow next year, as my hubby/carer is disappearing before my eyes.

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ALL THREE HAVE BRAIN ANEURYSMS, yet Adenbrooks claims there is no genetic link?

Hubby's youngest daughter GIVES BIRTH any time, they doubt too she may have aneurysm too? and obviously willing to risk both mother and child!


Suggest you speak with PALS at the hospital to sort appointments at for you.

Hope you get some help / treatment/ support soon.


Very good advice, PALS ....and pls keep going back to your Own GP as they Have all the relevant direct E Mail addresss these days...and should be able to fire off an e mail as you sit and talk.....I am so sorry that it has to be you, that has to keep on going on at them...but it will be worth it...we have all been there at some point, for one or another illness...this is what I always say, keep on going...I know you don't want to be known as a moaner, or a hypochondriac....but if that's what it takes to get noticed, then do it.... Take Care


PALS are the problem, they're mad with me for taking my complaint to them, after their staff member at Addenbrooks breasted them and our family...Mikey Asby called to yell at our Daughter as she didn't make her appointment, because Mikey called left daughter a garbled voicemail it was unintelligible aside from callers name.


Hi clair thats awful. No need to put up with being ignored. Give PALS a call and tell them everything as thats what there there for. Tell your husbands and daughters GP.S that your not happy with the way things are going and that you plan to take it further unless somethings done. PaLS can make the complaints for you if you want but make it clear that you won't be hanging around waiting for phone calls as something needs to be done now. You must be feeling so stressed with everyone being ill around you. You need to remember to look after yourself as well because you all need each other. Do you have a friend to talk to so that you can off loud some of your worries? X


Pals Addenbrooks are creating hurdles EVERYTIME I/we contact them... Now Hubby also has Suspected Lung Tumour.... And Addenbrooks refuses to schedule anything during regular business hours?

Next appointment letter arrived today, for 4th Feb 2016 at 18:30hrs? 160 miles round trip....will cost fortune as have to pay for Driver to get there. He cannot drive himself for MRI with contrast.

Plus, if I stay home, need pay carer unsociable hours?

The GLIOMA Tumour specialist letters state he acknowledges there is a Genetic Crainial Aneurysm link in his family. Only one to acknowledged my hubby has NHL, Aneurysm and Brain Tumour.

It feels like ADDENBROOKS, is waiting for us to cancel so hubby has to back thru referral system that took over a year just to get to where we are today!

They just send letters, few days before appointment they scheduled, knowing hubby is ill, my full time carer and I am disabled!


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