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Slipped disc

I have been in hospital for over a week , had a MRI which confirmed I have a slot disc ( pain so bad couldnt get out if bed .. Had a spinal root block a week ago & has made it worse ! Docs sent me gone with crutches last Wednesday & since then I haven't been able to get out of bed because the pain is excruciating ! I'm on tramadol, gaberbentin, morphine , parecetomol , ibroprofen ... Nothing is helping ! Hospital said give it time !!! Any advice ??

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Not sure what can suggest but I take hydrocodine for my pain.

I did have success with some exercises with physio. Mainly stretching movements. However this was 2nd physio. First was rubbish. Plus saw osteopath who again helped loads.

I did try exercises from Internet but they were just too painful!

Think you need urgent referral to physio or osteopath. But IF they no help ask to see different one.

Plus I know it difficult but staying in bed really bad for back pain.

Go back to GP for referral and strong enough pain relief to do some LIGHT movements! Maybe referral to pain clinic.


Hi Claire,

Yes you have to give it time but from lots of experience of your situation, maybe try this:

When in bed, first wiggle your toes, thenmove your ankles, then gently and slowly bend each knee.

Get a slow repetitive rhythm going.

Once that's a bit easier:

Move your hands, then wrists, then elbows, then shoulders onto turning your head from side to side. Again, keepthis slow then gently increase the speed and get a still slow rhythm going.

Next is your pelvis area - gentle, slow side to side, up and down - u getting the idea?

The worse thing you can do is lay in bed - you need to get your joints moving to get the 'juices flowing' to lubricate everywhere so you can slowly uck up the courage to move about to get out of bed. Walk two or three steps to start with but get into your head (believe me I know how hard it is to accept) that you have to move to begin healing!!

Give it a go xx


See a chiropractor with a copy of the MRI scan. It is often possible for chiropractors to be able to manipulate the disc back. You have to network with friends to find out who the good ones are.

Having got the disk back see an Alexander Teacher to learn how not to do it again.

Hope this helps

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