back pain

hi folks, names jim and i live in paisley. had a bad back for years and the doc seems to have wrote me off, just throws pills at me!

my lower spine it playing up this month prob cause i lost a lotta wieght.

can anyone recommend a massage place near by?

i dont want the bone crunching chiro one, something more gentle, maybe ease out the knors.

thanks for reading and hope your all keeping well, jim

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  • Has your GP suggested any form of manipulation ?

    I do not know what your problem is although a possible referral to a Specialist may be one way forward with some treatments from a Physio could be a good idea.

    You may have a course with a pain clinic if it gets any worse. Some instruction on a Tens machine may be beneficial as well so you can do nerve blocks around the affected area

    Personally I went and had a lot of chiro many years ago it was expensive So sometimes try the obvious before trying the complex.

    Talk to your GP and ask for some proactive treatments, if nothing works, then try the chiro.


  • thanks, sounds good advice. i think im going to try the pain clinic road, my doc is hopeless. time to change i think, jim

  • Give hydrotherapy a try too. There are back care groups across the country (I'm over in Edinburgh) which provide access to the pools, allowing you to perform low impact excercises (improving range of movement with water supported stretches and movements) in a warmer pool that calms the muscles. Certainly helped me with mine.

  • Hi Jim, Paisley - where my Dad was born. Have you had an MRI scan? Massage is excellent for muscular tension. Have you got a gym near you? They normally know of someone.

  • i asked ages ago and my doc said, and i quote "we dont really xray backs"! honest.

    im gonna change docs i think, thanks, jim

  • You need an MRI (Magentic Resonance Imaging) scan, not an X-ray. Ask for one. Say you want one. Bad backs are so common, it's almost like they can't be bothered. Good luck Jim.

  • Try McTimony chiropractic. This is the gentlest of the chiropractic techniques. Beem getting this on the NHS since 1994. The bone crunching is osteopath not chiropractic.

    If you have lost a lot of weight your centre of gravity balance between the ankles has been altered. You are likely still to be trying to keep the position of the hips in the same place from habit. The lower back will respond as a result of spinal reflexes with muscle tensing. This can lead to lower back pain.

    See an Alexander Teacher who can help you readjust any faulty postural habits you may have.

    Hope this helps

  • thanks for input, advice seems sound. i went to a chiro dude few years back and it helped my balance so much i didnt need the knee op, swelling went down.

    thanks again, jim

  • Hi Jim (my granny was a buddy) I was brought up down the Clyde in Port Glasgow before moving to Ayrshire 29 yrs ago so don't know anything about local massage places.

    But I have Cervical Spondylitis since I was 27 (22 years ago), I have a prolapsed disc in my neck and Peripheral Neuropathy (diagnosed 3 years ago). I've used TENS machine for 7 years. I love my TENS as my pain isn't always in the same place. I'd honestly buy one (Lloyds pharmacy is where I got mine) but they are great for advice. Deep heat spray is my life saver (along with my meds). I'd see another Dr in the practice (usually the younger Dr as they are so much better informed being not long qualified) and tell them you don't want to take pain killers you want to make it better. Sounds like your Dr is the throw pain killers rather than investigating the source.

    Congratulations on the weight loss

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