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Frustrated by pain!

So need a little rant. I have suffered with chronic pain for years now and returned to work after 8 months off from a diagnosis of endometriosis last year. Working as a nurse doing 12 hr shifts is tough but I love my job and don't want to stop doing it. I just feel like my management don't get it!! They constantly put me on shift patterns I cannot manage and expect me to deal with it even though I have explained time and time again I'm struggling. I don't like to winge and I think maybe people think Im doing better because of that. My fake face is great! I feel so unsupported sometimes and don't no what to do about it!!!!

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Have you been/seen occupational health ? If you haven't you ought to to. It has been my experience that management make all the right noises but actually deliver little or no help. I too am/was a nurse who has had two major back surgery's and I am about to have a shoulder op. It became so difficult to do my job on shift that in the end I had to resign, It is a terrible decision to have to make, and I fought tooth and nail to stay in the job I have done all my life, (42 years) and love.In the end I had to do what was right for me. It makes me very angry that my physical problems are a direct result of doing the job of nursing and looking after others, yet nobody looks after us. The only other suggestion I can make is get in touch with your Union Rep, and talk to them, mine was a great source of knowledge and support. He got me a better deal then I would have ever been offered on my own. I wish you good luck.

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Thank you for your reply! My next step is OH. My manager didn't give me much time yesterday but I have emailed her to make it more formal so I'm hoping that may make a difference. I really don't want to not be able to do my job. It makes me so sad. And to be honest it's not an option I have just bought a house and can't afford not working. I hope your health has improved since stopping work. And your opp goes well x

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Seek advice from the Union. You are a potential danger to patients with what management is asking you to do.

Under the duty of Candour you will be hung out to dry. Pain plays havoc with concentration and what you notice. The more tired you are the more problematic lack of ability to notice will become. You can judge yourself safe on 8hr shifts, but the demands of 12 hour shifts could make yourself unsafe.

It could be well be possible that the management is committing a criminal offence by insisting you work beyond what is safe.

Quite a few people I know have been complaining about the problems of 12 hour shifts.

You make a mistake you could be struck off. Management will do everything to cover up their part. They will deny you have approached them about the issue. Records of the issue will disappear from files.

Hope I have been useful.


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