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Hi all, hope you are all having a relatively good day.

Well, this is really weird - I have a dent in my lower leg which is fine in the day (mostly) but as soon as I lay down it gives me pain, almost as if my bone is being shaved.

Been to docs who looked at my leg and shook his head, not a lot of help. Is there anyone who has ever had or has anything like this? I would really appreciate any advice t6o confirm I am not going insane, or more insane!

A hug for everyone in pain

Treehugger x

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Hi tree hugger, I guess the GP ruled out anything nasty? So that leaves some kind of strain or sprain? Does it swell? Any positions make it better? Have you tried stretches for the front and back of the lower leg? Acupuncture might be good if it's a tight tendon attachment? Lots of question marks here.... 😜


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