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New symptoms

Hi all, you may know my symptoms and condition from my other posts , i have from january started having a bunch of new symptoms and one old one that came back from the past that i was hoping to talk about at my appointment with the pain clinic but they didn't give me a chance to have or explain them as i was in a group setting and after the session we were asked to fill in a 2 week pain diary and come back with them , so i put my new symptoms down thinking they would take the time with me to read over them and i could explain that some are new to me like mys my pain points which i now have more and are very tender to the touch specially when pressed also i have mind freeze which stops me from getting the words out ,like there on the tip of my tongue but can not get them out and my head twitching coming back and goes into overtime when the pain levels increase, should i talk to my doctor about this? or am i now out of this hands and into the hands of the pain clinic? or both? they said i will be having another appointment and still waiting for them to get back to me. thanks all

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Hi knoonan u should go back to GP and tell them what u new symptoms are if no joy tell them at the pain specialist but make shore they listen to u,

Best wishes


He thinks it could be the side affect s of the duloxtine but I don't, but is concerned about the tender point's but i did explain about them several times before to him, justs seem to be going around


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