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Why me

Why me

I was feeling rather proud of myself yesterday as I am decorating my bedroom. And the carpet was a bit grubby to say the least!! Also the bed was built in the bedroom so to get it out would be a pain. So after weeks of thought I decided to paint the floorboards. It's a long job and I have to do it in sections so I can move the furniture about

People have said to me get someone in to do it. Apart from the financial side I.E. I can't afford it. And being fiercely independent and decorating was a trade of mine When I was alive!! So I began last week. Last night I finished phase 1 and I was pleased as punch.

So waiting for the paint to dry. I decided to call it a day. I put Dinner in the oven and writing it down in case I forgot. I said to myself get a good clean. So after a shave I decided to get a shower. Now I am a bit reluctant to get a shower these days as the shower is raised so there is a step to master.

Now as there is only one handrail on the back wall I have to be careful. In 2013 when I was released from Hospital and things had settled down I got a visit from Social Services of NHS Therapists ask how do I get about the house.Now the house is quite well adapted for people who are disabled, as it was all done for my Mother a few years back. I told this to Therapists and said I need a few handrails in the shower area they agreed and they said to me that my bed needs lowering and a walking stick maybe beneficial to me.

The walking stick was delivered and I haven't heard from them since,also I can't remember were they where from. I kept saying to who would listen that am going to slip in the shower one day.Yesterday was THAT day I don't know what happened but as I was getting out of the shower I ended up on the bathroom floor in a lot of pain. Firstly I thought I had broken my big toe bet that has eased off now, but my arm hasn't and I am sure I have broken something. My sister is taking me to GP in a hour as local A&E is about 20 odd miles away.

In the night I was in agony I phoned 911 and was told to go to A&E I told them it's about £32 round trip so I asked for a Ambulance NO CHANCE, So I will see if GP,s help me. Picture is phase one completed

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I feel for you. In the UK they have to provide a change to bath area if you need it but

not in the private sector. I would suggest writing to a local carpenter and asking them

to build you a step or somthing that will help you in the bath. If you are clear about

your money situation, I'm sure they will come up with a plan for you. It may

take more than one letter, but it's worth it. This is your life.


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