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Pippin where are you? I am having probs again Tramodol my latest tab it's not working my nights are bad ,I am going to go back to the docs if this keeps up,what cream do you put under your patches when I tryed them they made my skin bad so I gave up ,first are they still working for you and second ly are you still on them and how do you think they work. I hope you are ok and hope you read this thanks xx

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I cannot take Tramadol it makes me feel very odd and kept me awake at night.



I was on fenytle patch when I was last on the site if I remember right pippin had trouble with them. Are you and her using Butrans patch I tried those but my skin was dreadful with itching. There is the equivalent but in tablet form you put it under your tongue every 6 hours called temgesic. Beady I think that's not the correct spelling for the site I keep trying. Xxx


Sorry it's taken so long to reply,I did have the patch but it affected my skin,at the min I am on Tramodol they have been good but I am back to no sleep and walking about also this B itching will have to ring doc yet again, my doc isn't very clued up on rls she asks me that's why I like this site so we can get a bit of help x


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