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Everything happens at once!

Hi everyone. I have had Flu- proper horrible can't-move-I'm-definitely-dying Flu, which set me back a little, as staying in bed for days caused excruciating muscle spasm and sciatica (of course). But I'm pretty much over it now, and all at once I find I have appointments coming out of my ears. I wish there were someone to coordinate these things as I have had to swap dozens of things around to ensure I can attend each appointment, move house, work and have a family!

My current worry which I was hoping someone could help me with, concerns two of my appointments-

1) Pain Clinic and

2) a Spinal Block.

Please can someone tell me what I can expect from my first appointment at the Pain Clinic? I have a good idea of what they aim to do but how do they do it? For example, do they review my medication? Can they prescribe medication? If they suggest trying something do they provide it, such as a Tens Machine or Therapy of any kind? As I am having the Spinal Block the week after will they just wait to see if that works and discharge me if it does?

Which brings me to the Spinal Block. My letter says I am to have a " Fluoro guided nerve root Injection Sacral". Can anyone who has had this tell me exactly what this involves please and if it hurts, what the results were like for you etc? There is a generic explanation with the letter but it isn't specific to my procedure, and it certainly doesn't mention pain etc. I'd be very grateful for all experiences and advice you may have. Thank you dear Pain Concerned friends! :)

Incidentally, does anyone know why the central booking Service sends appointments out which cannot possibly be taken such as on the same day at the same time in different parts of the country? Don't they share the same database? Weird....and NOT very efficient which i would have thought was the whole point! Hmmmm....more NHS money wasted....*sighs

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I can only give you my experience of the Pain Clinic near me. At my first appt. I saw the clinic's consultant, who reviewed my treatment so far. He made some suggestions for prescriptions, which he sent on to my GP. I then saw the clinic's physio and clinical health psychologist, who asked me about my condition, to assess if I would benefit from their help. They both decided I would, so now I am on the waiting list to attend their 'joint clinic' (multidisciplinary clinic). My appt. will be some time in the Summer so now I'm waiting. I know that the physio can lend out TENS machines if you pay a £30 returnable deposit. That way, you can try one before you buy. It was the first time I felt I was talking to people who actually understood my condition, so it was very positive for me. Can't help with the spinal block, as I have no experience. Hope that helps.

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Oh yes that is VERY helpful, thank you so much maiden1. Good to know the pain clinic was such a positive experience for you and you found them understanding. I think it makes a real difference to the outcome of any treatment if you are treated in a respectful and empathetic manner. This has given me a great deal of hope, thanks again. :-)


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