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Bone Cysts (Not Ganglion)

I saw an orthopedist today and it turns out that the lump in my hands (they were in both--I thought I was imagining it, but the xrays found them in both hands) aren't ganglion cysts because they showed up in the xrays. She plans to do EMG's and an MRI to know for sure. According to her, since they showed up on the Xrays, they're either bone legions or abnormal growths. Any time I try googling this, I either get something about bone cysts or tumors. Can they really be bone cysts if the bones in my xrays appeared fine? I just don't know what the odds are that this problem would be symmetrical. I could understand my dominant hand being at higher risk at being used the most, but both having the same problem in the same places? I was also told the pain was carpal tunnel until the cyst got big enough to pop my fingers when I move my wrists and then show up in my other hand too. My guess is that there's something weird with the nerves if I tend to lose control over my fingers to either grip, not grip, or the strength of my grip. The orthopedist is questioning the carpal tunnel diagnosis because of the severe pain, but the EMG should present any carpal tunnel and give us a better idea about the lumps.

I was just curious if anyone has heard of such a thing or if anyone has any advise with things like this. I've tried painkillers, anti-inflammatory, nerve blockers, splints, wraps, and even hot wax therapy, but the pain is still there. Even though the pain sucks, I'm more concerned about making sure I minimise any possible damage. Obviously typing a whole lot may not help, but I don't mind a little hand cramping for a bit.

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Hi, i had to have both of my hips replaced due to bone cysts, the pain was intolerable and nothing helped, not even morphine.

I also had a bone cyst on the scaphoid bone in my left wrist, the scaphoid had to be removed and the other small bones in my wrist had to be fused. I also still have a cyst on the scaphoid bone in my right wrist, it isn't to unbearable just now so They are leaving well alone as the operation on my left wrist was excruciatingly painful, I would rather suffer the pain of the cyst than have them operate on my right wrist!!!.

Ask our orthopedist to refer you for pain management, I found them very helpful at giving a combination of painkillers to help me cope with the pain.

I do hope this helps you.


My cousin has a hip replacement surgery, although before the replacement due to bone cyst, there was a lot of pain but after surgery, now she is completely all right. She take some exercises suggested by the physiotherapist and enjoying a healthy life.


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