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Good Morning

Next week is my Last week on the cope pain management programme and it has been really interesting, and shown me there is a way to enjoy my life....

Its all about retraining your nervous system again, having goals and baselines to work towards.

I have mentioned this on the site before and in the new year would really like to get a support group set up for people with chronic pain, face to face. If need be then a couple as I know we are all over the place and also having an online skype group for people who cant get out. It would be nice to get people come and talk to us. Another thing is once a month we can have friends and family come join us. Would be Nice to organise events etc so much you could do.... Share ideas, tips support each other

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Hello,I'm new to pain concern,unfortunately not to chronic pain,24years now,yes I did the Input residential pain management programme this time last year for 4 weeks,must say I'm missing my little bedsit room to escape daily responsibilitys,but sounds like similar approach,I know my nervous system/brain is so over sensitized to pain signals that the pain gate in my brain doesn't know how to close,like a valve,won't switch off,so for me even the weight of clothes on my legs,hurt,so yes I really hope your last week is good,the thing I learnt that it takes time to read apt,I tend to beat myself up constantly and can't rest easily as I'm always uncomfortable,have you heard of Vidymala's Burch,she's just one the BMI award for best book for helping chronic pain sufferers,have a look at her two books,CDs with them too,she says even if you have to start again a hundred times it doesn't matter,love your idea of setting up groups so we can talk,I often feel so lonely with such destressing pain,people can't see it,best wishes for the future

Bendy wendy


Thankyou its so good when people understand you I will definitely look for them books. I also would like to chat some more. Here's my email address Will write more later


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