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Pain program

Today I start my first day of an 8 day cope pain management programme done over 6 weeks referred by my pain team. After trying various medication and injections and nothing working and now being told the morphine I'm on is more harmful to my age group. I am ready for this next chapter. Even though I have had this pain for 6 years an I have coped to a certain degree, I'm looking forward to being educated on it more and moving forward to having a better quality of life

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Well done you! Be interested to hear what the programme is.

When you say morphine and age group - what age group is that and why is it not suitable?

Pat x


Morning pat, as I do the days I share briefly what I learn, I am 48 and it was my pain consultant who told me, years ago I was told morphine masked the pain rather then help


Interesting words from you consultant.

Yes it should be the cause that is treated but not always possibleto know the cause. Fine if you break a leg. Pain relief while leg is healing/ Pain is the bodies natural defence against further injury.

If like chronic pain sufferers, the cause is unknown and can not be treated then surely pain relief is a must?

And certainly any alternative to strong opiates has to be good.

Hope you find it helps you.

Pat x


Will be interested to hear your thoughts when you have finished this programme :)



I got much from my sessions. With the bonus of lots of laughs and meeting new people.

I carried working on some of the tips I gleaned. And still refer to the book.


i do not know your age, although I feel you are a mature patient. I am fortunate to have a hydro room and I use water to tone my pains. Sad to say I do not know your condition although I would possibly try and use water to tone your joints. I would in the past go to the public baths and would swim. This would reduce the stress on my joints and tone up the effected areas. You can get good shower heads that massage the effected areas and that can assist you in getting some form of relief. I cannot use the Public Baths as I have a skin complaint that gets worse with water additives used in the pool.

There are other ways of getting relief and you may be fortunate to be trained in TENS use. That can be a good thing to try.

Medications can take a while to get the right mix, so you will need to be patient. It took several years to sort out my medications and I would fight tooth and nail if they tried to change them now.

All the best



Having been a pain management specialist the program is all about using talking therapy CBT, education on condition of chronic pain, sleep, pacing, gentle exercise, thought management etc

In reality the opinion is the pain is in your head, the more you think about your pain the more sensitive and alert you are to it, thereby it is maintained or gets worse. Chronic pain is a learned behavior.

Yes with education you can manage your pain more effectively, but its in your head, UUUUm when you have severe pain it is real, no amount of education and thought control in my opinion can stop this pain. When you are in so much pain you cannot move, distraction / education will not make this pain go away, it took me literally years to manage my own chronic pain now without medication or injections, I have pain but I accept and live with it.


I have accepted my pain and most days live with it, for me going on the course was about learning to enjoy life more and in a way where I don't cause more pain. I have already come off part my medication for weight gain, so to me losing weight was important more then popping pills for pain which didn't work for me. I have one lot to come off and then that will be it. The only thing I would like to start is a support group. Face to face


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