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Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has gone through the problem I have. I'm on a lot of pain medication, 8 Tramadol a day, Gabapentin and Paracetamol. I've been taking this concoction for 6 years, but they aren't giving a good result anymore. Now I'm being advised that I should change to Morphine patches and wondered if anyone has any experience of them. Thanks Dennis

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  • Is that your GP or pain clinic?

  • My gp, gave up on the pain clinic. Had injections into my spine which lasted 2-4 weeks, but only able to have 2/3 a year

  • Ive been on the norspan patches,had a problem with them sticking so im now on fentanyl patches and gabapentin.I have tramadol if i need it.The fentanyl is a great help with no side effects so far been on gabapentin for about 4 yrs and the fentanyl for about a year.Im on pristique for depression.This combination makes my life a lit more comfortable.I did have successful surgery 6 months ago that got rid of my sciatica but the rest of my back still a bit of a problem.

  • Hi denm

    I take similar pain drugs to you and am about to add morphine patch into the mix!. Would it be the Bupenorphine one?. It's 5 mcg's to start and if not helpful enough it can be increased to 10mcg's. I've used them before to good effect and you have to change them weekly and find a different spot on your arm to put it to cut risk of skin irritation. I do hope you find them helpful as being in pain is really hard!.

  • Hi misty, I’ve just picked the patches up and they are Buprenorphine 5 mvg’s. So I’ve stuck one on and will see how they go. Thanks for the message

  • Hope they help denm. I'm hopefully getting mine tomorrow.

  • Good luck

  • Thank you denm.

  • Hi again, my patches are helping, but have only cut my Tramadol by half. Doctor says give it a couple of weeks then we can increase strength. Happy so far. How are you doing?

  • Hi denm

    Glad you've had patches help and been able to halve Tramodol!

    I've been on the 10 mcg one without a problem if you do have to increase. I've had to come off Cocodamol and have a lot of pain. The patch is helping but it's not enough really. Can't wait for injections now, hope end of Nov. Thanks for asking. Good luck for you. x

  • I'm sure when I increase to 10mcg I'll be able to stop the Tramadol. Are you going to the Bassetlaw pain clinic for your injections?

  • Hi denm

    I'm sure you will too. A lot of pain clinics now want people off Tramodol as its not good long term!. I'm down in Devon. x

  • At our pain clinic, I had injections in my spine under X-ray. They helped, but they only lasted 2-4 weeks, but you could only have them 2 or if you were lucky 3 times a year. I was on Co-codamol for quite a while before going onto Tramadol . But the injections only helped for such a small part of the year, it wasn't much use. Hoping that the Morphine patches hold it for a bit

  • Hi denm

    I 've had similar treatment to you and it's tough when you get help and it doesn't last!. Going back to pain is the pits isn't it. I have been moved onto Radiofrequency injections with nerve block and have had longer pain free relief. This is what I'm waiting for again!. You might like to ask your pain clinic about them. I do hope the patch gives you longer relief. It should do!. Fingers crossed x

  • Hi Misty, I don’t need a very long term thing, I’m on a limited time to live, so just enjoying what I can. Every day is a pleasure, but better without pain

  • Hi denm

    I am so sorry. Hope your surpassing predictions!. All the more important to get the pain relief right!. x

  • Well I’m doing the best I can, happily married, 49 years beginning of April next and determined to get to 50. Enjoying life walking over 7 miles a day with my wife and dog, don’t accept anything getting me down. I’ve tried severe depression, lol, wasn’t funny at the time but not going there again. You’ve heard the expression, life’s too short, mine is, but there are many people out there worse off than me. Hope you can get out of your pain problems, but just try to keep cheerful. It’s not always easy, but worth it.

  • Life can be so cruel to the ones who least deserve it denm!. I'm glad your getting the most out of each day that you can and I'm sure you'll make it to 50!. It's keeping positive like you are and I am too that really helps. I'm grateful I'm getting regular pain relief help now from the injections as nerve pain is no fun!. I do hope you come off Tramodol and the patch works well. X

  • Thanks, great talking to you

  • It's 50 years married I'm hoping for, I'm 69 years old. So I've had a good life anyway. I've worked hard and enjoyed doing it apart from the last 2 years.

  • Have u asked for anything higher I taken 400 mg of galpentin, 100mg tramliefe, 500mg paracetamol and 20mg amtritline as well for pain relief also if really bad I have diazapan and tramdol. Can I ask why u take the pain medicine for?

  • I'm on 600mg Gabapentin 3 times a day+Tramadol +Paracetamol. With Morphine patches have halved Tramadol, so it's going the right way. Still have pain but it's tolerable.

  • I have Arthritis in my spine which has been broken, also got it in my knees and hips. Along with heart problems, an ulcer and now a brain problem, I'm just dropping to bits. But trying to do it with a smile. Lol

  • I've also been down that road and ended up taking Panadeine Forte & Norspan Patches.

    These worked fine for me no side effects which wasn't the case on Tramodol, Lyrica and many others.

    After 18months though had to give up the Norspan as it started to give me skin problems.

    Maybe called a different name in UK it is a Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch

  • Hi, it's Buprenorphine over here, seems ok so far

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