Duloxetine for Postherpetic Neuralgia


I'm 30year old woman suffering with postherpetic neuralgia following shingles, in my shoulder, neck and arm for nearly 2 years. Been having Qutensa patches every 12 weeks for one year ish with limited effect but seems to be building slowly. I take Tramadol 100mg x 4 daily plus paracetamol, effect also now quite limited.

I've just been offered duloxetine and wondered how others had found it, especially for nerve pain. I have related depression as many with pain do so guess the anti depressant effect will be a bonus! have tried amitrip, gabapentin and pregab previously all with no real effect, amitrip was the worse for negative side effect. Also use lidocaine patches which can take the edge off.

I have also been advised by my consultant to look into Botox but understand this would have to be done privately - has anyone tried with success ? No idea what this would cost. Have been unable work for 18 months so money tight but will do what I can go get well and back to work.

Any advice or experiences will be of interest please, thanks x

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  • I should also add I've already had a botched dorsal root ganglion block which actually accelerated my pain, aside from gaining a punctured lung in the process - never again!

  • Pain clinics do Botox or botulinum injections on the NHS, it's not a cosmetic procedure so should not cost anything.

    I hope you get relief soon,

    My mum took that antidepressant for a few years and it did help enough along with pain killer to get her moving more.

  • Hi thanks for this - I was told at my local pain clinic (Bristol) it was not available on NHS, do you think it depends where you are?

  • Hi there

    My pain is very different to yours I have found pregabalin extremely effective for my pain it enabled me to reduce my OxyContin m/r from 50mg twice a day to 20mg twice a day that was before side effect was on 300mg twice a day now on pregabalin 150mg am and225mg pm . The duloxetine was added and now on 60mg it dose help with fibromyalgia pain but I feel quite flat on it as regards to antidepressant . My GP said he would nt try it if the pregabalin did nt work but it been shown to work for diabetic neuropathy . The choice is yours think he checked my bp regularly and built dose from 30mg to 60mg to 120mg then down again to see where was best I think you have a good chance of it working for years I took it at night until last month when in hospital I met a lady who was on duloxetine and she said pharmacy advice do her to take it am . I have nt been sleeping at about 11pm for years I wake up it's been hell within a week I am awake all day and sleep fairly well at night amazing for me good luck whatever you decide . I have had Botox to into pancreatic nerve area think did help but it invasive where as tablet is nt . Good luck love hope something helps you love squeak xx

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