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Achillies / foot ping

I have a few different chronic pain conditions. But today I tip toed to look at something n felt n heard a ping, then got a really cold liquid feeling, I had to look at my foot as thought it might of been blood, but wasn't.

I can walk on it but is quite sore, I now have pain at the back where the achillies is, round the side under the ankle bone n also on the sole of my foot going right across.

Does anyone know what this could be, iv tried looking but just comes up with sports injuries.


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You might have torn the achilles tendon, or perhaps pinched a nerve there (which could give those weird nerve sensations of liquid running) . Sports injuries can be very similar, so don't discount any of the same things that can be caused by sports injuries. If you can actually get to a sports medicine clinic somewhere you may well get it identified and treated a whole lot quicker than waiting for the NHS to refer you for an ultrasound to check the tendon - which is what you would really need to see what was going on with it, rather than an xray (that doesn't show up muscle and tendons) or an MRI (that is expensive, and also can sometimes miss small tears because of the way images are done in "slices").


I have this pain too, some days its hard to walk and even if you have spent a night in bed pains still there. When i went to my Dr he told me its because of our posture and because of the pain in our back we lean to the side, i was given voltarol, but u think tiger balm will work better


Another suggestion (this happened to me) is that you might have a bone spur and the "ping" you felt was a tendon catching on this. I had the same problem. I must say, my doctor was useless and it was just left for me to carry on with it. I then developed osteoarthritis in that ankle. I *think* it was probably already developing - there may be no connection between the arthritis and the bone spur catching on the tendon at all. But it might be something to consider - do you have ankle arthritis? If so, I found an ultrasound-guided steroid injection in the ankle provided great relief (though that was a few years ago and I think I need it done again soon!).

Gentle stretching exercises - waggling your ankle and bending it up and down - are the best things to keep doing to keep it supple.


The pain has now spread up my calf. When I put weight on that leg the back of calf goes really tight. Kinda like cramp but goes when I lift the leg up.


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