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Does anyone know if Peripheral neuropathy is common with OA. My doctor is convinced I don't have RA because only I could notice inflammation

I am itching to ask him about seronegative arthritis. It began with tingling fingers and toes last Jan to March but it seems like I am trying to tell him his job.

Then March this year same symptoms followed by pain in forearm migrating to knees, then moving to scapula area behind neck . Arms continue to ache but wrists and knees feel stronger for exercise.I have sore eyelids and now a rah over rib area- doc says an allergy or chickenpox- but too long after startin to be drugs...

I am taking gabapentin and amytyptoline which helps with tingling and numbness.

GP is helpful but doesn't know where to refer me. He looked at X-ray and old MRI of spine and said its due to this, but from al I've read OA doesn't migrate like this and pain starts in hands ( have lumpy finger joints a nd red palms from time to time) and moves up rather than emenating from spine. Haven't had sciatic pain thank goodness, as I had with herniated discs.

I know I'm lucky I can still exercise but worry that if he is missing RA my joints could be at risk.

if this is all degenerative discs shouldn't he refer me back to orthopaedics? At the moment he just says it's too early- began again this year middle of March after my Mum died

And finally does anyone have symptoms like these due to reactive arthritis?

Apologies for length if you have read all this!

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Hi there, firstly don't be afraid to challenge a GP, print off some material on RA and take it to your appointment to show him. I've done this in the past but act in an inquisitive way, for example 'I found this on the web and it seems to be what I have. Thought I'd show it to you as you're the expert'. Make it that they're the expert and you're seeking their help. Remember GP's have small knowledge about lots of things, whereas specialists know alot about a small number of things. Ask to be referred to a specialist, or even to a physio, because if they pick up it's urgent, then they can recommend referral. Have you had bloods taken as this can show if there is an RA type problem? Alternatively see another GP, sadly there are too many stories on here about poor care from GP's.


Thanks for your suggestion

Am beginning to think the allergy rash on my body and eyelids may be psoriasis- in which case I could have psoriatic arthritis Off to see a doc at my practice today but he is the one who hands you a prescription and out in 5 mins My lids are so sore and flaky.


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