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Help! I have no idea what fungus ( or something else) I've been diagnosed with!

Okay, so just recently I discovered some small, flat, pink patches and dots around the crease of where the pelvis and thigh meets and as well as my pelvic area ( and I'm not sure if some of the flat pink dots are on my belly). Anyways, one of these pink patch ( the largest one[ around 2cm in width and 1cm in height]) looks like it has peeled ( not flakey at all). The weird thing is they don't itch at all and I'm not sure if they burn because I touched it and I've made myself think that it's warmer than the rest of my body, but it didn't burn before ( I didn't realise I had developed these until I looked down as I felt no discomfort at all). I'm not sexually active with people but I do masturbate. Also, I don't feel pain when I urinate. It's strange as I haven't developed these symptoms around my pubic hairs and vagina. I would really appreciate to know what I've been diagnosed with as well as a cure for it. I'd like to prepare myself for when I do visit a doctor if it was serious, however, from my limited research ( hopefully) it's not that serious but then again i don't know a damn thing.

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Sounds like contact dermal allergy type thing to the latex in your underwear. This is often overlooked as a cause.

Try this simple regime to see if it clears. Wash twice a day (3 if you can manage) using baby soap. pat the skin dry - do not rub. Apply a layer of sudocrem (baby nappy cream) after washing. See what happens after a few days.

Then if nothing changes see gp for diagnosis.


Thank you for replying :,) and I shall purchase the products tomorrow and keep this question updated with the results. Again thank you


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