Constantly tired. Blood results- lymphocytes low. Two lr back surgeries..severe pain in foot and left leg. Have to repeat bloods Help needed

I am at the end of my patience. Pain is also in my shoulder/neck and lower back. had treatments of every kind, but has been some years now . Due to see Pain cons in two weeks. Love some direction as to how to approach him. On Nurontin..and antidepressant. Not much else as have a sensitivity to certain types of meds.

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  • Oh my..sweetpea-123.. are you my twin..look up some my last help me lines..I feel same tired..pain.,sweating in night wakes me up..I've had operation on back..left worse..last scan shows arthritis.. and my bottom disc move forward..and chuck disc came out..oh scareell damage..can cause leg pain?? After years now got told that Hecks been that sore lately..have to lie down..shoulder etc..ribs even feel tight..I've really been doctors loads times..feel like I am being pain in xxxx..they did my bloods ?? Knew..came OK..and that was that..I've felt very I'll last few months made to feel like in head....could go sleep now..and not get up..but have 3 made too if knew what mean..your not alonex

  • So grateful for your replys..I had nerve damage post surgery..leaving me with loss of sensation in left foot and parts of my leg/buttock.....this is nuropathic pain and is constant. I have custum made shoes and insoles. Today I found out that there is up to a yearas waiting list!..I am in these shoes 24/7 for over buy would cost 685 euro!! do not have the money. I might have a low lying infection...will retake test and see then. I am lucky in one sense as I have no that makes it easier..but of course there are times when I wish I had...such is life. Thanks again to you both....

  • Completely understand you hunny. Two spinal surgeries, the 2nd through my stomach as I had so much scar tissue in my back. Never got any physio. Was on so much morphine plus wearing morphine patches, I couldn't even function. Finally found a pain consultant who would listen and he helped me wean myself off. Still take MST and 120ml of Oramorph a day. Plus 200mg Gabapentin, mirtazapine, diazepam, naproxen. Worst (for very vain me) is that within 6 weeks of surgery I had swollen to double my size. I can't eat and spend my life vomiting. The sickness is so bad I'm having a surgery to try and stop it. But why am I so swollen? Everyone thinks I'm fat. No one believes I don't eat, except my gastroenterologist. My GP wants me to have a gastric band! I thought my husband would explode with rage as he spends his life trying to get me to eat. Any ideas!

  • Hi janepepper.. advice please...see your on morpine..I went to a new doctor other sent me ..said won't touch me has my spines to fragile.. any way doctor said wouldn't be on morpie..for cancer vitams.. so I've. Cut back..and boy my pains bad..that bad..been I'll.he said its OK in morn..and night..but not to have during day..although my own doc said if need it take..advice please on your fort,can't take nurifin meds..have tryed every other med in book,

  • Janepepper.. I feel sick constant..morpie..dizapam helps..its getting off them....they dose us up masking pain.either then dealing with the proplem..I've had failed back op..2011.. just turned down 2 and..told me go physio..he won't touch me..its so frustrating!!!! have you had all bloods cousion got bigger..bigger..didn't eat it was her firod.. god they want you to have grstric band with've all ready got..I've read it all now..I am cutting my morpie back..won't give me no more dizpam..which I am glad..I found very hard coming off..then when all started again last year..gave me helped..but then couldn't eat sleep etc..

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