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Unstable spine?

Here's another question - and thank you all who contributed yesterday re pain gate theory.

I hear/feel some unpleasant clunking "noises" in my lower spine, particularly when sitting and moving in seated position. Not painful in itself although the whole area there is tender and sore with multiple degenerative issues and possibly bursitis. Could this clunk ( not crunch or click ) be indicative of further degeneration, such as vertebral or facet instability ?

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Could it be coming from your hip? The tensor fascia lata commonly makes a clunking sound as it rolls over the head of the greater trochanter? This would make sense as you experience the clunking with seated/movement type stuff.... :)


Thanks Boozybird. That would make sense as I'm currently struggling with hip area problems. I have kind of worked out that the Pain Management exercises have caused either sacroiliac inflammation or psoas muscle tightness and pain.I'm not good with lower body stretches. They seem to cause more harm than good. The clunking is felt in the vertebra area though - or seems to be.


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