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Carpal Tunnel

I have Carpal Tunnel real badly now in both hands and I was put down to see the consultant and I went there and well let's just say that there was other things going on (due to a complaint I made) and was concerned that I was being ignored and as I could not get them to finish a scan on my neck ,(due to me moving) so I never went ahead as i thought at the time they were not listening to me about my neck, but now it is so bad (my carpal tunnel) that I don't care about anything else going on as long as they fix my carpal tunnell I have it in both hands now and I'm so angry that i would even allow a junior consultant to do it , my question now really is to what can I do as I may have gave the wrong impression to the consultant on the day

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I do not know what you have said or done ? . They will not tolerate violence or abuse, You most probably need to discuss this with your GP it is difficult to say.

Generally if it was so bad they had to call the Police, they at that time may refuse to treat and will possibly need to find another Specialist. If they are still treating fair enough, you may need to say sorry I

do not know. Hospital staff need to follow procedures and possibly something could have been misunderstood by both parties

I fell out with the Environment Agency with real cause, that proved a problem even when they have admitted they were wrong.Personally I do not know what to suggest. What Happened,sorry for asking??



Go back to your GP and have a talk about what happened. They should be able to suggest what to do next, and if necessary they can refer you back again. It would probably be very important to get that MRI done, as the "carpal tunnel" symptoms may actually be coming from your neck. If thats the case, you might need to be prescribed a muscle relaxant to take on the day of the MRI to make it more comfortable for you, though really sometimes you just have to grin and bear it, even if you feel awful for days afterwards. I know my back is really awful and MRIs are about the worst position I could be in, but the scans do show so much that its worth all the pain and discomfort in the end.


It is very easy to get angry with others when chronic pain is a daily and a constant companion. Health professionals do not have a great understanding of chronic pain so we sometimes have to exercise a degree of patience with them so we can achieve what we want from them. I agree that making an official complaint might make them tense and guarded around the complainant, if it is the same department where the complaint was made. Otherwise, communications in hospitals are so poor, I would doubt that radiology was aware of a complaint made in, say, A and E, unless as Bob says, violence has been flagged. Talk to your go openly and ask for his advice.


I cannot think of a different advice regarding your misunderstanding with the consultant, but on a more practical level, while you are sorting this out and waiting for another appointment and your still have this agonising pain/tingling in your hands, do you wear a wrist brace?. This can help sometimes. I had carpel tunnel syndrome and wore one at night for a couple of years which gave me great relief, until the condition progressed and I had the operation. This will only work if the problem comes from your wrists and not your neck.


Marigold, I am very sorry about missing your reply, as it mentioned everything I needed to know, thank you, as you have explained what I wanted the consultant to check, that it was my neck that I thought it was coming from, like a nerve problem as it is now in both arms .

But I wrote the post you replied to a long time ago, is it possible for you to contact me at that I can get your further answer about just what happened to you, if it was your neck, or even just to give me advice about if it is the neck, thank you sorry it's late


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