Hi all well thats now three weeks since my first Transdermal Buprenorphine Patch (BuTrans ) 10mi went on and now an extra 5mi Patch making 15mi pr hr.

And my legs are feeling all the better for them.

However as for my foot my right heel still gives me extreme pain on the underside of my foot.

I will make an appointment in order too see my doctor about this problem.

Has anyone else found the Patch is working by easing or taking the pain away ?


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  • Hi Sam

    As you know I'm on the patches too along with celebrex tablets & paracetamol, I know my pain would be a lot worse from my hip if I didn't have the patch on permanently although I am by no stretch of the imagination pain free far from it.

    I'm pleased your pain is more under control now, you just now have to sort out your heel pain could you have a heel spur do you think?? I had one years ago & it was so painful when I put my heel down especially in the morning. Good luck with that investigation now.


  • Sarah Hi its a funny thing that the Patch is great with regard to my legs.

    However with my heel 1st thing in the morning I find it extremely sore taking the first steps of the day as I hobble out of the bedroom, even at work an at home the (Heel Pain) is so severe I have to lift my foot up off the floor.

    I have an appointment with my doctor for next Wednesday.

    Hope today has been a good one for you Sarah.


  • Hi Pirate 185. nice to see that the Patch is helping you, i have been on durogesic patch (fentanyl) 75mcg/hr for over 6 years now and even with that strength i still get a lot of pain in the soles of my feet, strange really. I would not be able to cope without the Patch

  • Kneesup Hi its good that you get some relief with the Patch, like you I dont think even at this early stage with the Patch I could do without it.

    As for my Heel well a Doctors appointment for next Wednesday is on the cards.

    Nothing worse than the pain coming on while at work at least at home I can hold on too the worktop an moan as yes its that sore.

    Its a pain that drains, its a pity that the Patch does not help here.

    Hope you have a good night .


  • I saw my Pain Consultant on Tuesday I have a long history of chronic pain as a result of an injury when my Son by born by forceps delivery in 1971 I had a neuro stimulator implanted 22 years ago I have been on various medication over the years Currenty taking Meptid and Amitryptline had been on gabapentin some some years I discontinued. I have been falling a lot recently but following extensive investigations no cause was found. It was suggested that my medication could contribute to this. Mainly loss of balance I have reduced my medication as a result of this My pain level is not good currently My Consultant has suggested I go on to these patches Many years ago I was given Temgesic by my Consultant before it was even available on prescription I was not able to tolerate it as I suffered really bad nausea and came off it. A few years later I was prescribed it again along with an antiemetic but despite this the nausea was still a problem. He is writing to my GP to ask him to prescribe this and says that the slow release patch might suit me better. I am really quite scared about taking it. I also use ice to relieve my pain. My pain is right down in my perineal area and confined to this area. Any advice would be appreciated Many thanks.

  • Susan Hi I will get back to you shortly as my pain in my foot is starting up again.


  • Susan Hi with regard to the Patch you should give it a try .

    I know that you are a bit concerened trying it , but I am glad that I did as it helps .

    Its worth a try best of luck .


  • Thanks for your reply. It is the worry about being sick that is causing me more anxiety He did say that it could take trial and error and that I could resume my Meptid it is my choice. I am also concerned as my reason for reducing my meds was due to the fact I was falling as much as 4 times in one day. I have had echo cardiacgram which showed I just had a thickened aortic valve. Had a CT scan Carotid Sinus massage and a manouvre for possible inner ear problem. I was not only falling but also had problems with word recall failing to recognise items eg looking at paper shredder and could not recall what it was also could not scroll up on the laptop. All of these symptoms have now resolved themselves and I am wary of taking a chance on the symptoms returning. I am due to see the Consultant whose care I am under and I will discuss it with her and my GP. I would rather struggle with pain than be falling all over the place. I have not fallen now since the Thursday before Christmas On that day I fell 3 times. I was not able to go out alone and I lost my confidence but all that is now behind me. My family looked after me very well I would not go up on a step ladder though. Despite falling down steps outside and in all sorts of places I did not sustain any fractures I had a bone density scan 4 weeks ago. Awaiting the result. Don't know what to do for the best. Thanks however for your advice. Sue

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