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Hi all further to my last post regarding my new treatment with the Transdermal Buprenorphine Patch (Bu Trans) I wish I had it just now the reason being that the other night while taking a shower I slipped and fell in the bath and to cut a long story short my shoulder still hurts like hell. Am glad that I am on my day off work today as the pain is getting better but being on my new medication would be great.

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It never rains but pours in our world. I am so scared of falling be it at home but especially while out as I know that right now if I go down unless I've something to use to get up I can't!! Good luck when you start your new meds I hope they do work for you.


teddybear hi hope that you dont go down too often. I know that getting up after a fall is not an easy thing to do. I will let you know just how good or bad the new medication works for me when I start on it , oh and take things easy. Sam.


Falling is horrible, not only the pain from extra damage but the shock of finding yourself on the floor.

I have fallen a lot recently mainly because my spacial awareness is so rubbish so I misjudge my grab points. i currently have half a front tooth after a fall at xmas but at least I can whistle now lol.

Hope the new meds make the pain more bearable.

nutty x


welshnut hi its good like me you can joke about the pain. As for me I had a clean fall prob because I was still in the shower lol. Even now I am still hurting when I move my arm. the fact that I have no resistance to pain prob dosent help. As for my new medication I will be seeing my doctor next week in order to get this new med started. Sam.



It's a real shock when you fall over. Hope your meds make life a bit easier.


nedd hi lol shocks not the work lol I hut the deck then the conditioner and then the shampoo bottles hut my head it took a split second then the pain hit an boy did it hit . Even now my arm still hurts. Am looking forward to starting my new medication . Sam.


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