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My day at the Scottish Parliament Debate Chronic Pain

The MSP were discussing a petion submitted by a Lady who suffers Chronic pain like a lot of us. I thought Pain Concern would have put a post on the site.

The MSP,s were talking about getting a centre in Scotland to treat CP instead of sending the patients to Bath at a cost of 250.000.The session lasted 3hrs and they all aggreed not enough was being done for us.We were not permitted to talk in Parliament but could talk at the next meeting.

AT 5pm we went to a Cross party meeting with the MSP,s, Labour Tory and SNP.I asked several questions eg Why did the RIE not replace a Muskulo Skeletal Specialist when he retired. the Orthopaedic Department use the money, The Top Brass are going to look into this

Jackie Baillie Labour, said we and the Dr, should share information, I told her and the others that a Maxillo Facial Surgeon an Neurologist an Neurosurgeons do not work together, I had asked this Question of the Max Fax Surgeon and he told me that you only see him when the others are finished with you. Dr Steve Gilbert a Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Specialist in Queen Margaret,s in Fife said he found this situation to be true

A Lady MSP suggested a site at the Homeopathic hospital at Gartnavel because it could save some money

There were several members of pain organisations there and several from Pain Concern, Lots of people had things to say,

We as stakeholders, users fo the services and suffers of pain have to take on the polititions and I find they do not want to listen

There were a few MSPs in the chamber for the debate and near the end the parliament filled up with the rest of them including Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon who walked in like Royalty, smiling at each other and took their seats, They were all given Voting papers ,filled them in and the ushers collected them in , They did not debate but voted so that they could be paid, I was led to beleive this ???

I asked about money fot this new venture and was told it was available.

It will be interesting to see what coms of this

If you go to the parliament practice your Gaelic esspecially if you need the loo

If any one reads this. Thank you,

Soap Box Moggiemay

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Hello moggiemay

We too were at that debate which was quite unique in that never has so much time been devoted to one topic.

Those involved with CP up here should be juslty proud of achievemebts in getting the debate. There will be positive outcomes rest assured - too many people involved for it to ne otherwise.

Unfortunately we had to miss the X party after. Too long for David but had all details after.

Don't be misled by those smiles from our First minister and number 2. He is a very clever man and nicola has been very supportive of CP work.

Glad you came and sorry to have missed you.

Pat x


Dear Paton, thank you for your reply and Mr fibble for your comment. I am not sure Paton about your remarks, and as this is a pain site,and I am involved with stopping the removal of services from my local hospital, I am not enchanted by these nest feathering politicians, who refuse to do anything about the downgrading of St John's Hospital, and of the money they are spending to commemerate the battle of Bannockburn next year. We pain suffers need money spent on us and cancer patients.These public servants are in the busines of gloryfiying themselves and do not care for the people

Kind Regards Moggiemay


I can only speak for our own experiences which are brilliant within our own NHS. I realise there are many areas in Scotland which fall very short of any services.

There are many behind the scenes who have fought so hard to get that debate. Even some MSPs! This is what we have to keep fighting for.

It shouldn't have to be a battle but so many cuts to so many services make it harder.

Don't give up!

Pat x


Hmm I'm not sure I'd call him very clever more like highly manipulative, typical of most politicians these days.


I think that a major step has been taken, even if politicians are slow to act, maybe highlighting CP in parliament will encourage private companies to do something as well.

Slow and steady steps are needed.


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