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Persistent Days

Do we ever consider our partners when we are in pain we keep them awake at night because we are jumping and rolling around the bed not being able too settle, we start talking to them in the early hours, and keep them awake, while we seem to get more sleep.

because we have kept their brain active after nocturnal chats, Now we awake early, we wonder why the crumble from the next pillow, needs a lie.

During the morning we are unable to take the dog out for a walk, we cannot go out we are either to stiff or in to much pain in the mornings, pain killers need all morning to work,

Tea break, after the dog returns, we sit together, say to partner we will give a hand doing the chores, wrong we start with good intentions, that only last for short periods of time

Lunch arrives we make the meal same time everyday, this can cause waisted time because we want to stop them to take that break, lunch is served.

The afternoon arrives, we try and help again intentions do not last long as we need to sit after short periods,we must rest.

Dinner is served, we sit watch the news, the dog needs to go out for its walk, we go we hold up everyone because we cannot keep up, we need to rest, then return home sit in comfey seat, supper is now we watch TV,that we have watched for most of the day because we are one big tired. Lfe is now one big tired, we wonder why our carers stay, for this one big yawn. As night time is still one keep awake time

All the best


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Thank you Bob for those kind words of appreciation

Sadky as you will know it sn't just walking the dog and a bit of a rough night. Buy....CP sufferers don't come with a manual - probably just as well!

I did write a piece on living with david a while ago for the magazine letting david have the last paragraph.

We have to find the right balance between not doing eveything for them and becoming a control freak and doing nothing. I encourage david to do what he can but always there to pick up the bits, rub assorted gels and potions into aching muscles and always the TLC.

It is so hard sometimes watching the one you love crying in desperation - begging me to stop the pain for ever.

But that's a story for another day.

Pat x


Well said Bob and Pat. Bob its good to hear your perspective of things and it probably mirrors my own husbands. All the things he would like to help with but if he does then he is going to hurt more. I rarely stop him though. I think getting the balance right for both carer and the loved one we are caring for is very hard sometimes. Every now and then I try to put myself in his shoes, I know I would be moaning and groaning all day long with the relentless pain, yet he doesn't. The frustration that you both must feel at not being able to do every day things. Pat I find myself having to bite my tongue, knowing that my husband is going to hurt more after attempting something. He has to try though or he would never leave his comfy corner. As you said its finding that balance for both of us. Best wishes to you both Sue x


Good to hear how you cope. When it gets a bit too much my GP puts me on happy pills. Not the answer but all he can offer sometimes.

Pat x


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