Persistent middle back pain

Hi all, I've had niggling back pain in the middle of my back for about 3 weeks now, worse at night and on resting, esp sitting, it feels like something is stuck in my back.. I'm going see if the GP can check it over, but I'm pretty sure it's muscular in nature. I do a job that involves heavy lifting and I've done a lot of gardening these past couple of days. I'm self medicating with voltarol gel and paracetamol but last night and earlier this week I had to use some cocodamol as it was v sore, last night in particular. I don't want to keep using codeine based analgesics though. Anyone else experiencing anything similar?


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  • Hi kazz

    Sorry to read about your back pain. It could be your facet joint affected. Are you getting tingling or numbness in your legs as well?. Good idea to get it checked out, good luckX

  • Not so much but I sometimes get radiating pain down to my ankle on the affected side 

  • Hi kazz

    If it doesn't improve then definitely seek GP advice. Good luckX

  • Thanks I'm hoping it will ease eventually 

  • It does sound as though it could be muscular with all that heavy lifting and bending. Wouldn't hurt to give your back a bit of pampering over the weekend by resting, using a heat pad and maybe try a pillow under your back at night. If that doesn't work then see your GP for advice. 

  • Thanks, yes that's my plan and I will see how it goes. I've rested it today and it's nowhere near as sore as last night 

  • It hurts more when leaning forward and backwards if that's any help

  • Gardeners back ? Very common at this time of year when people have a rush of enthusiasm. I don't know if you are one but your problems certainly ly sou d muscular.

    Gentle stretches and gentle movement but keep it moving. Epsom salts in a hottish bath.

    Paracetamol works well with codeine if you need something extra a night.

    Hope your GP confirms its just muscular and will heal with time. We need to love our backs and treat them with great respect or they will bite back.


  • Thanks Dee, I don't like using codeine but I find I have to take something a little stronger at night 

  • If you have what I think you may have then pain killers are going to make the problem worse.  It is likely that you over contracted muscles in your back.  You need to get these muscles uncontracted.  Muscles can overcontracted very easily.  It is impossible for an over contracted muscle to uncontract by itself.  The over  contracted muscle needs someone to give you advice on this matter in person after they have checked out your back using their hands.  Medical doctor are not trained in the art of stretching out muscles which have gone into over contraction.

    You have choice you can take pain killers or seek the help of a McTimomy Chiropractor.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks John. I will seek medical advice from my GP and consider chiropractic input as well, but you're right in that Orc and even my strong analgesics are not doing much now. Thanks for your advice 

  • Where abouts in the back is it?  I have some possible things you can try to ease matters a little.

  • It's in the middle but I've been swimming today and that helped somewhat 

  • I've heard acupuncture might help, has anyone tried it?

  • Living w this daily-- I understand

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