BOB here,

Woke up this morning,my head is spinning, shoulders, and neck very painful and sciatica, making life so uncomfortable, when you are unable to sit, lie down or find a position that is comfortable, This is what pain is all about.

We use our TENS, take our medications , more than we should and try our different, ways to relax a body that has other ideas.

Sometimes,people we live with find it difficult to understand the chronic pain we are suffering from.

And we are unable to explain the chronic pains, we are suffering from.that are referred to non afflicted areas, by jangling nerve pains.


All the best


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  • my Neck is killing me too x

  • Hello

    BOB here we should be in same club


  • felt like chopping it off yesterday.. thing arthritic erosions keep catching a nerve?

  • Good morning all, I wonder if anyone has tried what I do, this may sound ridiculous but about three years ago when my pain was so unbearable I didn't think I could go on any longer the pain in my back was so bad even though I was taking my meds using my tens I couldn't even breath. Then from nowhere I started talking to my pain as if it was a nasty person I didn't like that was trying to overpower me I shouted, and screamed, and called it all sorts of names

    i don`t know if it was releasing the tension and frustration in me but it started to work and I wasn't taking my pain out on my family and friends so much , when my doctor said he thought i seemed more positive my daughter had a quiet word with the doctor at the hospital and told him what I was doing (I think she thought the pain was sending me nut`s) he told her that it was normal and he had many patients who do the same. I am still on my meds and still suffer quite badly but my attitude has changed towards my pain the demon still creeps up on me but he gets the rants not the people who help me. I hope this little story has helped some of you if it has only put a smile on your face today it has done a bit of good ,but try it you may be surprised love to you all Tricia.

  • The power of the brain is incredible. This works on 2 levels, 1) by taking control, deciding pain is not going to be the boss anymore, and 2) an emotional release.

    Emotions are well known to affect pain levels, especially negative ones. So releasing your negative emotions will release some of the pain. We are inclined subconsciously to harbour emotion as pain. It's natural, and people with chronic pain generally have more negative emotions than the average man on the street.

    Any form of emotional release is good for the mind and body. The more you do it, the more you will recognise which pains it causes.

    I talk to my pains all the time, I've given them names. When I'm going to do something I know will cause more pain, I talk it through with them - ok, Delboy and Rodney, I'm going to have to go on a bus today. I know you don't like it, please try and hold off complaining about it until I'm home again and can do something about it. To make things easier for you I'm going to do a wee meditation and some stretching. When I get back, I'll have a shower and a rest. So you have nothing to complain about.

    Simply acknowledging something is going to cause more pain, and giving it permission to happen, rids you of all the negativity surrounding it. You are then able to enjoy the reason you had to go on the bus for.

    The more you do it, the more you will feel less pain and stress around these activities.

    The more positive things you fill your life with, the less pain you will feel. It really is that simple.

  • Hello

    We I suppose do things that have the same idea, whatever way we can get extra relief from a severe problem, we all have coping exercises, that give relief.

    All the best


  • Oh Bob, it sounds like you need a day off from the pains.

    Have you been to John Lewis garden dept? They have a deck chair that tilts you back by gravity and it's so comfortable. I always have a half hour in it when I'm in the shop. Aches and pains just melt away.

    Others understanding is a tough one. In the end we agreed to let me do things my way, even if it took 10 times longer and I would ask for help if I needed it, and decisions not being made on my behalf.

    Keep calm, the suns shining

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