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Crohns Disease

Does any one have Crohns disease or know of it. I recently contacted a decorator and he agreed a date to start work, I had a call from him 2 days before, he said he was unwell and could not tell me when he could start as he had Crohns disease and was in terrible pain I told him not to worry and ring me when he felt well enough to start, as i thought he looked ill when I first saw him.

I do not wish to cancel the job as I feel if he is unwell he may need the work.


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it can be very painful and in severe cases surgery is required, usually controlled with steroids and mesazaline.


Hi Jack, Crohns Disease is quite a nasty illness. of the intestines and bowel,Causes abdominal pain and bouts of diarrhoea. The person has to be carefull what they eat an take special medication for it, Sometimes part of the bowel has to be removed

Regards to you and your wife Moggiemay x


It tends to come in waves which could last weeks or months and settles for a while before starting again. It is very painful and I don't think they are ever painfree.

Could you come to some arrangement that he does the work over a longer time but with shorter sessions, ie a couple of hours every other day over 2 weeks? I know it would be a huge upheaval for you, but it could help the guy out, as you say, he may need the work as he's ill so often.


Good friend suffers. One of her main problems is overwhelming fatigue at times.

It depends on how urgent your job is as to how much slack you can give.

if he is an old hand at managing the disease he may have a good idea of how his flare up will pan out. If you rang and had a chat I am sure he would be grateful for your concern. and it may give you an idea how things stand.


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