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Falling Platelets with Venetoclax

I started Venetoclax in October when Ibrutinib became ineffective after three years with the white blood cell count rising and the platelets falling. I had no problems with the ramp up or serious side effects on the full dose. The white cell count came down and the red cell count and hemoglobin were low, but normal for me. The platelets increased into the normal range (>130) for the first time in a long time. However, the latest blood test showed the platelets had fallen to 72. Has anyone else on Venetoclax seen a reaction like this? I am Trisomy 12 and TP53 deleted, mutated (?) (the initial test said no, the latest said yes @ 2.36%).

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Hi 👋 I am trisomy of chromosome 12 no deletion,no translocation on Imbruvica for 3 years, I worry that next step for me is Venetoclax with yours sideffects. I am OK now, in. 2016 I enrolled in YMCA “live strong” and become member January 2017...


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