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Cll 5 1/2

Diagnosed with CLL 5 1/2 yrs. ago. I'm still in watch and wait. Anybody out there in the same mode? It is progressing but evidently tly not at a fast pace. I'm 69 and still don't really know how physical symtoms progress. Because I've read drinking green tea helps I've been drinking a lot of Snapple which is half green and half black tea. I know it's not proven yet but it seems to help.,Can't stand 100 % green tea. Anyone Care To comment?

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Hi! I have had CLL symptoms since 2012,in other words low platelets and higher than normal WBCs. I was officially diagnosed in Jan.2016 with CLL. Green tea may have some true effects on slowing CLL down, however you'd have to drink a ton of it to derive the same benefits that a supplement would give you. The EGCG content in your supplement will be many times stronger than in a few cups of tea. Plus you'd have to make sure that the green tea that you are using in any case,would be of the highest and healthiest quality, with no impurities.(buy organic) Another obstacle.....too much green tea can affect your liver functions and if you drink green tea with meals, it can also affect your ability to make platelets. Trust me on the platelet function thing,i know from experience. Drink the green tea 4 hours before or 4 hours after your meal to avoid platelet problems. What is your ALC and WBC after five years? How is your fatigue level presently,lymph node involvement and your general health? Good luck!!


I have CLL and low platelets too--40-50k. I have avoided green tea risks of increase bleeding. How does drinking green tea 4 hours before and 4 hours after help the green tee not affect platelets? I would love to start drinking green tea! I also eat turmeric daily- 1 tsp daily and eat a chunk of ginger every day. My ALC is 1.4 and WBC is 8.8....but I also had rituxan and currently on 10 mg a day of prednisone for my ITP...BMB showed 10% CLL....




If you google around,you'll find that certain chemical or nutritive elements in the food that we eat are affected by other foods. They can have neutralizing effect on each other.There have been several studies that indicate that if you were for instance, eating green vegetables(like kale,Broccoli,watercress ) which are often eaten by people who want to increase their platelets,that there is something in the green tea that counters that effect,when both food and tea are taken at the same time. There have been three threads about this on the CLL Patient Support Face Book forum. As someone who has low platelets, I can say that for me its worked that way and I have meticulously been following the process and experimenting. Some believe that if you wait a few hours(preferably 4) to drink your tea solo,that the effect of neutralizing the good stuff in the green tea and taking away the good stuff that affects platelet proliferation in your food, are then mitigated or avoided. You could experiment,I did and found that when I did not mix both at the same time my platelets grew by 8% within a 2 month period.


I have just started treatment after 5 years. I am now 64. I feel fine and have never felt bad in any way. Treatment is starting because of my blood counts and swelling of my lymph nodes and spleen.

My advice to you would be to stay fit and study up on treatment options. Exercise and a good diet will have you ready for any physical stress when treated. At the same time, learn about CLL. Find out what treatments will be available to you. Where can you get them. What will your insurance cover.

Think positive as many new treatments are here and on the horizon.


I believe in green tea but not the way you are taking it

You cant get enough that way

You need to get decafinnated green tea extract in pill form


Please tell me what you are taking?


Hi My name is Rosea. My Dad has CLL he had treatment for B-CELL Lymphoma in 2014. This January they found a new lymph node with CLL. I have been really down about this sickness since my Dad's illness but, I can tell you from what I have research the Green Tea is important. My Dad can not drink the tea even decaf so I did more research and found Matcha Organic Green Tea Powder. Below is what I make for him and he eats one everyday.

1 Teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea Powder

1 cup of Choboni Greek Yogart Plain unsweetened

mix together, add sliced almonds on top that is a good nut your allowed to eat. I also add blueberries unsweetened.

Both of my parents got cancer 9 months apart and it hurts so bad. I do believe in all the pain it brings that God has been with us. To say I understand I never will but with God's help he gives us knowledge for the help we need. This web-site has helped me a lot as a caregiver and daughter who loves her parents for no words to explain. I know I still have my Dad and Mom because God is with them. I hope this helps so far my Dad says he feels better. I know parents don't tell you everything but, I know if he is good and when he is not. I also started him on Curcumin as well. The research has been done but make sure you get a true product. The watch and wait is very hard but, I am taking it for now as good news, keep praying.