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Buzzing from learning -- and even doing it in tune

Just had to share. I had my first singing lesson tonight, I mentioned on a previous blog response that I had booked it and now I am SO glad I did.

It was pretty hard work. Turns out all the muscles that need to be super strong for singing are these dratted stomach ones - now v glad I have been working on them so much! Even though they flattened out and make me look better, it seems they aren't nearly strong enough yet for voice control... Back to work, because they hurt like buggery after the lesson.

However. My point is that having decided life was too short to put things off any more I am LEARNING things again, for the first time since university, really, and it feels utterly amazing. If there's anything you've meant to learn but never taken the plunge, just DO IT!


Sue xxx

PS For any opera lovers among you - the man says I will be singing the top A flat of "O mio babbino caro" in a few weeks, can you believe that? Just listened to the Callas version... <gulp>.

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Does this mean that we will have to pay to meet you now? Teehee... and what are the chances of you getting famous? will you be good enough to sing us a solo on members day?

We will all look forward to it LOL (no excuses) anyway well done :-/ ;-)

Love x G x :-)


An unequivocal NO to the members day q!!! Unless I get drunk when you won't be able to stop me...

That was my main reason, actually! i love singing when I get drunk, and since I have gone all sensible and don't DO that any more :-( I figured if I didn't learn how to do it properly I would never sing again ... Such a tragedy to deprive the world of my Dolly Parton impression...





I might NEED to get drunk on Members' Day 'cos I'm scared already. At the moment it feels like going back to school and I was a terrible pupil.

If I were to become boisterous I'd be singing raucous Old Time Music Hall Songs like 'Don't have any more Mrs Moore', or 'Hold your hand out you Naughty Boy'. Now you get a feeling for the sort of voice and temperament I have. xxxx


By the way - GOOD LUCK for Thursday's fashion evening. I have, regrettably, decided that I need some R & R after the trip to London last week and a full volunteering diary this week. What was it that the homeopath said about saying No to things!?

Love and best wishes for the evening. xxxx Annie




Hi Sue, that's great. I'm absolutely tone deaf.....can't even tune the radio. There has been a lot about singing being good for cancer patients. We have a choir locally that was started originally by Tenofus a local cancer charity for a study to be made to see if singing improved pts breathing. It did. The choir now has lottery funding and so is continuing. They performed last year at the Royal Albert as part of the research.

You may get to RA yet. Good luck

love Chris xx


Dear Sue

I was so pleased to read your uplifting and enthusiastic post. I read your post when you said you were taking up singing again. A choir was formed in Wales called The Big C in Wales. The joining criteria was that everyone had cancer. It was a fantastic initiative and has led to many other choirs starting up. Singing is a fantastic way of getting oxygen in to your body which cancer doesn't like. Not only are you enjoying yourself and getting a buzz, you're also doing something that actively fights the disease. This has got to be a fantastic thing.

I for one will be hoping to hear your rendition of O mio babbino caro. It was performed at our wedding by a student of voice at the conservatoire in Cardiff. My all-time favourite opera star would be Angela Gheorghiu but hearing a young student sing it with a simple piano accompaniment just for our wedding party was the best of all.

Good luck with the voice training. xxx Annie


Just downloaded the Monserrat Caballe version... Oops, might be aiming a bit high. True about the oxygen though - kept getting dizzy from hyperventilation yesterday! X


ooooooh has just sent shivers up my spine .... why am I reminded of the Queen Elizabeth sailing in to dock?


Well done you. It's great to hear your story and certainly a lesson to us all.


Good on you, you go girl and let it all out !!!

I love singing (mom was a singer) Opera is an all time favorite.

See you on TV soon then ? lol.

Trish x x


Great! How this diagnosis can enrich some of our lives in unexpected ways. Well done, Sue. I adore opera (except some modern ones) Love Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi......What a rich new pastime.

Love Wendy xx


I can't sing but am enjoying being part of a choir run by our hospital oncologist nurses. It has been a lot of fun and we are singing at a 10th anniversary of the setting up of the social group run by the nurses on 14th May. I don't think lessons would do me much good but I agree Sue, it does open the lungs and get the muscles working so all good stuff. Enjoy! :) Colette xxxx


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