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Back from gyno appointment

Had my gyno appointment today not sure if its good news or not.

She examined me and said she could feel the so called cyst but she said that not sure what it is yet no scan required as it showed up on scan and could be felt she spoke with oncologist who requested Surgeory to be arranged for 23rd may for removal of the growth and my ovaries as their not sure what it is attached to and I won't know anything for sure untill they get results back from the lab but they are saying it looks suspicious at present.

Am scared to death any advice on this one oh and they are not sure about the pain on my right Side it may be connected but my right ovary is clear .any advice appreciated .

Sandra xxx

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Hi Sandra,

The not knowing is worse than knowing, but they won't actually know whether it is malignant or not until it is taken out and they have done the histology report... It is easy to say not to worry though, as you are bound to be worried sending you best wishes for a good outcome love x G x


Anyone been watching that tv program, keeping britain alive, on bbc2 tues 9pm. A couple of weeks ago it showed a lady going in for weight reduction surgery but found a ovarian cyst size of a football so her surgery was postponed. The docs were fearing it was OC but it turned out to be a benign cyst. It shows you cannot worry about it until the tests are done. Love Paul x


Agree with the others. Try to be positive as many girls who have cysts taken out find they are simply cysts. Mine was borderline but I had to wait nearly 3 weeks to get my results. The day before my 50th bday I was told the results having thought since initial appt that I was on the way out.

Wish you well and keep us updated,

Sheila x


Dear Sandra

I'm so sorry to hear of your worries. At your stage I was lucky enough to remain blithely unaware of the potential problems I might have to face which at least reduced the worry. In reading your account it seems your medical team are talking only about removing the ovaries and an associated mass. Whilst that must seem really worrying at the moment it augurs well because it seems the problem is limited to the ovaries and this means you've been treated it in good time.

There's no way anyone can give you complete assurance at the moment. As Gwyn says you will be given the results once a histology report is available after surgery. If this does turn out to be Ovarian Cancer and it remains in the ovaries with no metastases you should have every hope that it can be sorted out and you can get on with your life.

I hope with all my heart that will be the case.

xxx love Annie


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