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Everyone is hoping for better treatments and some form of screening process in the future but I also want to point out the advances in technology as well. The CT scanner takes xray pictures by doing many horizontal slices through the body, the early models were called 32 slice scanners and many hospitals still use them. As technology got better they are being replaced by 64 slice scanners which double the resolution on the image. Hence why some CT scans cannot detect nodules below 1cm as the nodules can be between slices and therefore missed. This is one of the reasons why the CA125 is important as it can detect an increase in disease which is not detectable on a scan. Clearly the 64 slice machine, the gaps between slices are smaller. The good news is that industry are now introducing 320 slice scanners which are in layman terms high definition which should go a long way to confirming the CA125 results. Lets hope that the NHS funding or charitable donations are sufficient to allow the roll out these super scanners and provide future sufferers a method of early detection to support any increase in the CA125.

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  • Very interesting, thank you.


  • Cheers love x G x :-)

  • It's often forgotten isn't it? Love love love technology :')


  • Thanks for that. How are you getting on?

    I'm coming out of the worst bit of side effects after mondays chemo.

    Love Francesca x

  • Hi sent you a PM love Paul x

  • This is great news. I have mucinous OVCA and it is not responsive to ca 125 and hard to detect on scans.

  • As my Ca125 is always in the normal range I have only scans to know what is happening so any advance is welcome. I have/had advanced disease with no real symptoms so want more indicative tests and research of that field is important.

    Thank you for post

    BW Amanda

  • This is the problem with CA125. It is not a reliable tool as with you Amanda yours was within normal range and on that alone it could have been thought you had no disease. It is only used as a marker if It was raised at diagnosis. My CA125 has never been within normal range, at over 3000 at diagnosis it reacted well to chemo and dropped dramatically after each cycle. I and the team were then surprised that the last 3 cycles of carbo/taxol had done nothing to reduce the size of the tumours left after debulking. It had dropped to 96 after 5 cycles so could have been thought to be almost clear.

    More research is needed to find an accurate tool. Good news on the scanners, hopefully all hospitals will be fitted with them before too long.

  • My opinion on the CA125 is not to get too wrapped up on the number but to look at the trend, is it going up or down to me gives a reflection on how the treatment is doing. I agree with your comments, we once had a reading of only 20 yet a scan showed a recurrence and Sandra was back on treatment. I do believe technology as a part to play and hence new and modern scanners can be useful. We all know the advances made with TVs and Cameras to know the medical world must also make great advances in their digital equipment on scanners etc. LovePaul x

  • Thank you- I never had a high CA125 either as Granulosa Cell tumours cannot be detected this way either. I'm not sure what the resolution of the CTs I had were but they were amazing things to be shown ( not sure if everyone gets to see theirs) and they showed slight scar tissue on the lungs, probably due to the bronchitis I suffered with constantly as a child.

    Love Anne xx

  • Thanks v much for that info.

    Best wishes.

    Eileen x

  • my cat scan is on Friday then will have to wait on oncology app. to get results. Trying to stay positive but am getting more nervous by the day!!!Am meeting Mr.Edwin Poots the health minister of N. Ireland next Tuesday. Will be asking him why the backlog on oncology is backlogged until last july and my 3mthly. app. which was due on 4th. February hasn't even materialized yet .I havnt been seen since the 4th. oct. last year!! Had to go to g.p. and get my tumour marker done and because it was risen I rang oncology and they ordered cat scan. Again I have had to wait nearly 6wks. for the scan app. All and all it will be 8mths. by the time I get to see my oncoligist and get results. Its just not good enough, as cancer can spread so fast.We should be getting our check ups in time and our scans as well. Obviously there are not enough oncoligists to cope with the number of sufferers and there are not enough scanners either. We have a nearly new cancer unit built with not enough staff or equipment to meet the needs of cancer patients. Its so maddening and frustrating.rant over.xxuna

  • That is dreadful, where we are we have a max wait of 3 weeks for a scan and the 3 monthly is spot on 3 mths and can even be brought forward if you develop symptoms.

  • It's the same here re scans, can have a scan in a few days if need be and follow up appointments the are on the dot.

    I had my 1st cycly caelyx last mon, not in my usual cancer centre but at a brand new outreach centre. The unit rang me an hour before to check I was going in for treatment so they could request the chemo from pharmacy. I arrived 5 mins before my due time and had to wait 3 hrs before my treatment started because they didn't have enough pumps. With only space for 11 patients I would have thought it reasonable that they had 11 pumps as I'm sure more often than not they will have 11 pts having chemo at the same time. Thankfully I don't have to return there as the rest of my treatment will be done in Cardiff but they couldn't fit me in for the 1st cycle they thought it would be better if I went to Merthyr for my 1st treatment.

  • You wont believe this but I rang oncology myself with ca125 results and that was the quickest app. 6weeks!!!!for the scan

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