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I have 9cm cyst on lft ov but had severe pain on rt side of pelvis for 12 month lost weight not eating and bloated had ca125 done waiting

I have 9cm cyst on lft ov but had severe pain on rt side of pelvis for 12 month lost weight not eating and bloated had ca125 done waiting results any ideas what this could be am so scared it could be cancer only lost my mom last October to lung cancer any advise please.

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Hi Sandra,

Sorry to hear about the sad loss of your mum, and now you are going through a worrying time as well, it is a case of waiting for results, the waiting is hard but there is no pointing trying to guess what it might be... Sending you my best ishes love x G x


Sorry I meant best wishes xx


Dear Sandra

I'm so sorry to hear you lost your Mum last year. The most important thing now is that you've taken steps to find out what's causing the pain and your symptoms and hopefully the results will be reassuring. It shouldn't take more than 48 hours so hopefully you can contact your GP for an appointment to discuss the results. The CA125 is notoriously unreliable and can be raised for a number of reasons so even if it is outside the normal range it doesn't necessarily mean there's anything too serious.

In your situation even if the test results are normal I'd ask for an appointment with a gynaecologist and a scan to investigate things further.

Please let us know how you get on.

Best of luck. xxxx

Love Annie


Hi Sandra

Sorry to hear you lost your mum so recently and are going through a very anxious time. You should get the results of the CA125 very soon. Let us know when you recieve them.

Thinking of you.

Love Mary xx


Thank you lady's for the advice much appreciated I will keep you updated on the findings and thank you once again

Sandra xxx



what a worrying time for you lets hope you get some positive advice. Do remember if you have any concerns please come back to the site where you get a lot of support from friends,

be it a little worries or a big one someone has been there.!

Good luck.



Hi Sandra

Sorry to learn you lost your mum recently. Understandably you are feeling anxious at the moment. I am sure you will be told your CA125 results very soon. You have certainly come to the right site for knowledge and comfort. The ladies on here are truly amazing.

Anthea xx


And Men.!!! Lol


Hi Sandra

So sorry about your mum and now you have a further worry. You have done the right thing going to your doctor and getting the CA125 test done. Just wait for the results (which I know only too well is very difficult) and take it one step at a time.

Best wishes



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