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Well has been awhile since I have been on here. Went back to work on 4th of feb, quite happily. Caught the most horrendous head cold. I thought I had gotten away with it this year but no such luck lol. Have been reading alot about a certain guy via google. Makes for very interesting reading to be honest. Two sites have an awful lot of interesting items too read plus alot of medical research which seems to be backing it up. It would be nice if any of you ladies have the time to read it and maybe give some feedback or thoughts of your own on it. The man is rick simpson and its got many threads. Rick simpson Phoenix tears, run from the cure and also rick Simpsons hemp oil. Also I have been reading about emu oil that has helped people with joint pain and sciatica due to there treatments. It has anti inflammatory aids and used as a topical relief helps with many things as a natural healer. That's enough of my waffle. Please do read about rick simpson as what he and many researchers has discovered is phenomenal. Many thanks keli :)

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  • Dear Keli,

    I'm really pleased you've managed to return to work but sory to hear about the cold.

    I'd strongly advise you to read carefully about Rick Simpson who is currently living in an undisclosed location in Europe following an altercation with the Canadian authorities. Not a great scenario if you're putting your faith in this person.

    Best of luck with your quest for support for this dreadful disease. Xxxx love Annie

  • I can understand your thoughts on that Annie and thank you for that. I have read an awful lot about him and the altercation he has had with them. I haven't put all my faith in him. I have also been reading about a Canadian medical company called cana-med. ca and also much more research via medical company's etc. hope you are doing well Annie. I finally won my battle and managed to put a pic up today lol xxx

  • I am wary of claims for alternative "cures" though, I do take supplements like turmeric that do not cost much and do no harm. However for the sciatica and joint pain my physio recommended flexibility exercises on a gym ball and I do those for 5 minutes morning and night! Combined with a hot water bottle at night and, in very cold weather a heat patch in the day, these keep me mobile and flexible!

    Glad to hear you are back at work though a pity about the cold. I have taken extra vit C for years and that seems to hold off colds!

    Good luck! M

  • I've decided to consult a homeopathic oncologist. She's the Director of the London School of Homeopathy and a consultant at Leaders in Oncology Care. It's an expensive visit and one my GP is following with some interest as he says he knows absolutely nothing about homeopathy or complimentary therapies.

    He and I rather share the cynical view that it's not going to help much but it will at least give me comfort to reflect when the cancer takes hold that I've done everything I could and given it my best shot.

    I'll certainly share any information I glean from this appointment so you can all benefit from some expert advice. Will post after 3 April.

    love Annie xxx

  • Hi Annie.

    I put in a comment about homeopathy below, when I should really have replied to you. So thought I should give you a pointer to it. As you will see, I am afraid I am not impressed with homeopathy. Sorry. But good luck with it anyway. Will be interested to hear what they say anyway.

    All best wishes.

    Eileen xx

  • Sounds intriguing Annie, I shall look forward to hearing what the homeopath says - couldn't reply to your post- the link isn't working!


  • I am very cynical myself Annie. I'm willing to try different things. Many years ago I had a friend who was learning alternative medicine. I had a really bad tickly cough that had me choking and coughing all nite for 2 weeks. She asked me what my symptoms were and gave me some little round nearly clear ball shaped pills. The following nite I slept through like a log and cough had eased. Maybe my cough had ran its course, but maybe what my friend gave me broke it. I think in some cases I would try things, if I didn't I think I would kick myself. I haven't got anything to lose at this point is how I see it xx

  • Hi Keli,

    People must do what they feel is best for them otherwise they might regret it, I understand the need to do this....I am extremely adverse to trying unproven methods and in particular some that claim to be a cure for everything...I feel there are a lot of dodgy claims... but if there is no harm to yourself in trying complimentary (or alternative) then we are free to do what we feel is best....

    Speaking for myself I don't regret sticking to conventional treatment as it has served me well so far..(better than what was expected)..if I had chosen complimentary or alternative treatment I might have put my success down to the complimentary or alternative and not to the skill and expertise of my oncology team...(unfortunately this happens when people have gone down these routes) so it colours the waters.

    I also don't want to spend the rest of my life running after other treatments (I would feel like a chicken with no head) perhaps if I was medically trained and I knew what I was doing it might be a different matter.. as it is.. I have to take the advice of the experts and try to glean from them the right course of action.

    Love and best wishes x G x :-)

  • Thanks for replies and gwyn If its worked for you and well then yes I do agree that you should always stuck with it. I won't chase cures I'm just looking around. I think it had alot to do with worry etc. maybe at some point if there are no other options open to me. I don't think I would like to be a headless chicken either lol. I have been asking my sisters advise as she is in the medical trade on her opinion. I think I'm just trying to glean as much info as possible. Annie good luck with the homeopath oncologist would love to know how you get on. Love keli xx

  • I am afraid general medical opinion, to my understanding, is that homeopathy is useless except for the placebo effect, and I would agree with that. Sorry to say this, as this view may upset some, but the consensus is that there is no scientific basis for homeopathy, whatever homeopathists say. There are, to my knowledge, no peer-reviewed scientific papers to show that it helps. There is certainly a placebo effect, ie a patient may well feel better, as a homeopathist will spend a lot of time and attention on a patient.


    Eileen xx

  • Dear Eileen

    I tend to agree with your take on homeopathy but thought I'd go along because this is a traditionally trained oncologist who has a faith in the benefits in homeopathy. That .... or a rather terrifying alternative for someone who has sworn the Hippocratic Oath.

    I'm rather intrigued and think it's worth a visit to hear what she says. I'll certainly post up a report after my consultation.

    What is even stranger than homeopathy is the idiosyncratic way this disease can work. As Gwyn says, she's been lucky and her condition has remained stable despite some rather downbeat visits to her oncologist. You hear other similar tales where the patient's body seems to find the resources to battle successfully with cancer.

    My sister, for instance, has had 3 unrelated aggressive and incurable cancers at the age of 27, at 31, and a third diagnosis at the age of 52. She has followed a regime of regular exercise, meditation, yoga and the principles of the Hay Diet which was fashionable some years ago. All this along with traditional chemotherapy. She has quite a lot of moles on her skin and some years ago she noticed they were all turning white. They've now disappeared altogether. As I understand it moles are a sort of benign mass. It was put to her by her oncologist that her body had taught itself to fight cancer. She has survived melignoma, breast cancer and is living with non-Hodgekinson's lymphomia. Nobody has yet explained quite why she's been able to survive and there's certainly no scientific reason or I'm sure research teams would be harnessing the phenomenon to help the rest of us.

    I don't go till next month but will do a post in due course. I agree with you that alternative therapies make you feel better because of the one-to-one attention in nice surroundings. The clinic in London looks very pleasant so I'll make sure I get there early, read all their glossy magazines and have a nice cup of coffee before I go in to my appointment. I love the advice of Dr Budwig who suggests sitting in the sun and having a glass of champagne after breakfast. That would definitely make me feel good! xxx

    love Annie

  • I know what you mean about the idiosyncrasies of cancer. Your sister's story is very interesting. Yes, I like that advice of Dr Budwig!


    E xxx

  • Hi Keli, i've heard of Rick Simpson and Phoenix tears before. Sounds so amazing doesn't it.

    It seems that taking medical grade cannabis/canabis oil etc. can help with a lot of the discomfort that affect some cancer patients. Just googling it gives a wealth of information. There are licenses issued in some American states I believe that allow you to purchase cannabis/hemp products for medical use. Maybe it's not a cure (who knows) but it's definitely known to give relief to many sufferers.

    All the best


  • Hi sue and yeah I was quite gobsmacked by all that I read. Many states and even New Zealand are looking to do the same. There was another site, I will in box you the details and you should read it. Very interesting indeed. There are several states in America that let you buy medical grade oil now. It's meant to be very good pain relief x

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