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Well done Una!

After a busy week I finally got around to watching Una's (Poleglass) presentation to Belfast City Council. I thought she did a really terrific job. You can still see it by following the links from to the March Council meeting. It starts about 6 minutes in. But further on in the webcast you can see the debate on the motion. This includes some discussion about screening and appears to suggest at one point that the CA125 test could be used as a general screening tool, rather than a useful, but by no means totally accurate, diagnostic tool when women present with symptoms. Yet another example of the poor level of awareness out there.

Which brings me to the Jack Andraka story, the 15 year old kid who claims he has come up with a cheap and accurate test for lung and ovarian cancer. If you haven't seen his TED presentation you can get it from's+Global+Economic+Trend+Analysis).

So, does anybody know if further work is going on to verify the efficacy of this test or roll it out further? Or is it just another case of hype?

Anyway, thanks and congratulations again to Una and good luck for tomorrow's Assembly debate at Stormont. More power to your elbow!

Linda xxx

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Hi Linda,

Yes Una was good wasn't she? I did see the Jack Andraka story a while ago and was so excited I sent it to Ovacome... very encouraging if this is right.

Love and best wishes x G x :-)


Thanks linda. I am thrilled to share with you all my wonderful news. The n.Ireland assembly voted unanimously to head a health campaign to profile ovarian cancer.Frances from target ovarian cancer flew over to attend with me as ths was a big landmark day as it was the first time it had ever been debated in n, ireland.WE watched it all from the viewing gallery and | was humbled to hear my name mentioned by all the m.l.a.s. I have to say I was emotionally charged and cried the whole way through.The health minister Edwin Poots also agreed and his office has already emailed me to meet up with him. I am totally over the moon that I as one person have made it happen and behalf of all of us sufferers past and present we are finally being heard!!WEnow need you lovely ladies to make it happen in your own regional areas like scotland and wales. If I can do it, anyone can as we are all passionate about our illness.U,t.V. interviewed both me and frances and it was on the u.t.v. news tonight at 10. 30 incase anyone would like to watch it. WE women can achieve our aims if we truly believe in our cause and go for it. thank you all for all the wonderful support. Its your turn now annie to get the ball rolling in wales!!!.


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