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I have been following questions and blogs on this site for a few months and have found great comfort, inspiration and solace from you. I thought that it was time to introduce myself. I have just got round to filling in the bit about me. It's quite long sorry but like you all lots has happened and none of this was ever going to happen to me or my beautiful family! That's the hard bit - the way all this affects my lovely girls and gorgeous husband! We live life to the full and with a new normality.

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Hi ....and welcome to the club no one wants to join ... look forward to hearing from you..

best wishes love x G x


Hello. Just keep swimming. You say you have children, so be like Marlin - Nemo's dad (am sure you've watched that 'numerous times') and keep at it.

Hugs and kisses xxxx


Thank you both! Sophia you must be able to read my 'about me' bit but I can't. It says viewable by group members only. So I seem to be able to view other people's about me bit but not my own. Any ideas? Can anyone help sort me and this techy bit out please? Thank you.


Hi, I am a member and I can't see anything written about you, have you tried writing it again? you could send HealthUnlocked an email, they are very good at sorting things out (I had a problem once and they explained why) best wishes love x G x

Ps I think Sophia gleaned from your post that you have children.


Thank you Gwyn. Its the bit she said about swimming that confused me. I am a keen swimmer and put that in the about me bit! Will re visit about me bit later on.


Hi, you need to do it again as you should be able to read your profile and update when necessary.


Hello from me too. I look forward to your contributions, when you get your tech probs sorted out! All the best

Love Wendy xx


Welcome and hope that you manage to get your info sorted out soon - took me a while to get it to appear as well so I am sure you will get yours out in due course.

Hugs Amanda


vicsmail, phew ..what a read your profile was. I was so sorry to hear about your initial misdiagnosis and the missed opportunity to start your treatment earlier. The pleural effusion, swollen belly, not being not being able to eat fun at all. A lot of us have been there.

I'm glad that your consultant opened up the incident report for follow up and that you may be seeking legal advice. I see that you are based in Devon, were you referred to the RD&E hospital?

All the best Sue


Hi Sue, yes like for many it has been an ordeal and like for many women opportunities were missed. I have been advised to take legal action and told that I have a good case for the pain and suffering involved in the delay in diagnosis. For that reason it is wiser not to name the centres involved as don't want to prejudice the case. I am also acutely aware that when I find the right solicitor I need to leave it with them to deal with as I really just need to be getting on with living. I think it's important to pursue though for a number of reasons not least of which being for my girls. If anything happened to me I don't want them to ask Dad in the future why their feisty, spirited Mother did not take action!

Are you in Devon Sue?

With love V x


I'll send you a private message. I agree that it's best to leave this in the hands of the solicitor. You certainly don't need the added stress on top of everything else!

Take Care


Thank you. I have got your message and will reply xx


Hello and welcome. You have just made a huge bunch of new loving and caring friends.

Love suzanne. Xxxx


Thank you Suzanne. you are so right. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and it makes me smile. Hope you are enjoying Mother's Day with your daughter. love V xxx


Thank you. My daughter hasnt woken up yet. Haha she will be devastated when she realises im awake as she wanted to bring me breakfast in bed but has slept through her alarm.. Oh dear. :) i hope you have a lovely day too.

Love suzanne. Xxx


Hi there V

Welcome and I am so pleased that you found us. What a dreadful time you have had and thanks for sharing. It is bad enough having to deal with illness , but having concerns about your care makes things even worse.

I do hope that hour treatment will be successful and that you will have may many years with your lovely family.

Take cafe


Thank you I am pleased I have found the site too. It's a huge source of support. Xx


Hi V,

I'm just back from a skiing holiday and catching up with news and views in the friendship circle on here.

I'm sorry to hear you had such a dreadful time to start with. Hopefully now you'll be receiving treatment and you'll be able to get on with your life again. I was diagnosed about two years ago and so far I've been lucky in that this disease hasn't stopped me doing anything I want. I hope with all my heart that it will be the same for you and that you can enjoy your swimming, the pilates and your lovely family.

You're a brave lady to take on the authorities. I took issue with my employer for discriminatory practice as a result of my diagnosis. It's good to give the authorities a run-around to make your point but whatever you do please look after yourself first.

Keep posting - and a warm welcome. You have found a fantastic group of new friends.

xxx Annie


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