Extreme joint pain 4 weeks after final chemo treatment, can any one help?

I had my final chemo on December 27th (carboplatin and plaxitol) and for the last 2 weeks I have had pain in my knees, ankles, wrists, fingers and thumbs, also get pins and needles in my hands. My oncologist said I'd probably caught "the flu bug" that's been going around!! I know its not this as its different to flu like aches. Everything hurts so much!! Sleeping is ! My chemo was once a week for 18 weeks. Anyone having the same problem and can anyone help!! Thanks

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  • Hi yes I had extreme pains just about everywhere, I found the only way to relieve them was to apply a heat pad ie hand warmer/ hot water bottle/ electric throw if nothing else it gave me comfort but I can't advice any pain killers as I didn't take any , I am sure if you went to your GP they could give you something for it ...thinking of you and sending you best wishes love x G x

  • Thank you Gwyn - A xx

  • Hi i too had very bad joint pain . My knees still ache 6 months after chemo . It can also be a problem due to hormones and the surgical menopause . Please ask your gp re pain relief as they will be able to help


  • Hi Aliannie , i finished my treatment in April 2012 and Like Gwyn I ached all over .. As Ally stated above it could be also be due to hormones or as i found out a vitamin D imbalance .. i have been back and forward to docs regarding this for just under a year now and on all sorts of pain killers to see which ones worked the best , finally got blood tests done and it seems that i have a Vit D deficiency (Which directly affects the bones ) so started taking them , aches haven't gone but have certainly receded , Have u had any blood tests done to see if this is the case , might be worth finding out ... x

  • Thanks everyone, I have an appointment with my own GP today, xx

  • Back to see my doctor tomorrow, aches and pains are't getting any better, last visit I was prescribed ibuprofen and lansoprazole, which haven't helped only made me feel sickly!

  • Had blood taken, but no results yet. Still troubled with pains

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